Welcome to (Bike) Portland

Welcome to Your New Home!

Are you new to Portland or new to cruising around the city by bike? Bike PortlandORbike.com and Filmed by Bike welcome you! 

We are so thrilled to have you, another bike lover, in Portland!

Portland is an Amazing Bike City

Portland is an amazing place to live in large part because of our incredible biking scene. Every day of the week you can see hoards of cyclists streaming across the bridges, rain or shine, day and night. On all types of bikes.

Bike Love? We Get it.

In our city it’s completely commonplace to ride your bike to work, for fun, to go camping, to get the kids to school, with cargo, in the rain, with dogs, for days on end and simply to explore and sink in.

Whether you’re new to riding, experienced or something in between, Portland welcomes you to join in on the bike fun!

How to Dive Into Portland’s Bike Scene

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Welcome to the (Social) Club!

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Upcoming Social Club Events

Saturday, July 7 10:00am

Meet: The Fresh Pot, 4001 N. Mississippi
Theme: Nature in the city. There are plenty of gorgeous escapes and swimming holes right here in the city. Get to know some of the best spots with a tour that ends with a picnic on the beach! Bring something to share (optional!). If it’s a hot day, you might want to bring a swim suit and towel. SWIM SUITS AND SNACKS ENCOURAGED!
Distance: We will stop every 3 to 6 miles. Technically we will ride 24 very casual miles total but it won’t feel like that.
Appropriate for: All adult riders (even if you have never before ridden 24 miles) with a functional bike. Youth riders who have ridden a good distance and are accompanied by an experienced adult rider.
Host: Ayleen Crotty
Creator of Filmed by Bike, ORbike.com, Midnight Mystery Rides, Breakfast on the Bridge, and founding member of Pedalpalooza, Multnomah County Bike Fair and the KBOO Bike Show.

Saturday, August 4, 10:00am

Meet: TBD
Theme: Portland is filled with clever bike-friendly systems. Some of them are so clever you wouldn’t know about them… until you do. Scout with Jonathan through the city as he takes us on a tour to show some of his favorite spots that help make your ride smoother, easier and safer.
Distance: TBD
Host: Jonathan Maus
Founder of BikePortland.org, the most widely read independent daily bicycle news source. Through journalism, events and direct advocacy they inform and inspire thousands of people around the world with a glimpse at what’s happening in the Portland bike scene.

Sunday, September 2, 10:00am

Meet: TBD
Theme: Gorgeous culture in the city. How do you live a creative life in Portland by bike? Meghan will take us on a tour of the creative side of Portland. WIGS ENCOURAGED!
Distance: TBD
Host: Meghan Sinnott
Organizer of the Portland World Naked Bike Ride, Pedalpalooza, Tweed Ride and more. Meghan also leads mural tours, is a performer, and is the host of The Moth Portland. Meghan lives with her partner and his two children as a car-free family that gleefully travels throughout the city by cargo bike (they have two!).