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A Filmed by Bike festival pass is an excellent way to pop in and out of the theater during your entire stay. There are plenty of showtimes to choose from and many different programs of movies to see. More info >>


Biking is the best way to navigate Portland while you’re here.

You can rent bikes from Cycle Portland. Owner Evan Ross is an enthusiastic fan of Filmed by Bike and is conveniently located downtown near the transit lines. Please tell him we sent you his way.

Biking in Portland is fun and easy. Always lock up your bike. Look for the green bikeway signs that will guide you along low-traffic routes. We’re friendly here, so don’t be afraid to stop people and ask them for directions. Portlanders sort of love to chat with strangers and help visitors navigate the city. Additional info can be found on the City of Portland website, or stop in any one of the many bike shops around town.


Heck, what’s NOT to see and do here? Your time can be easily filled with Filmed by Bike activities, after parties, exploring the city by bike, strolling/rolling along our gorgeous waterfront trail and floating walk way, digging into food cart/coffee/beer culture and relaxing.

We like the Portland Mercury for tips on additional fun fun while you’re here.


If you’re close to the venue, you might as well check out some of the neat things to do around Hollywood.
Velo Cult: One of the coolest bike shops in the natino
Killer Burger: Kill your hunger with a killer burger, these folks don’t joke around
Full Moon Thai: Only Unicyclists dislike yummy Thai Food (Just kidding!)
Mountain Shop: Want to check out some of the best down gear in the country? Mountain Shop has you covered.

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