Filmmaker Spotlight: Joey Schusler

joey schusler

Joey Schusler is an adventurer extraordinaire who also creates gorgeous films about his journeys. In his early 20’s he realized his bike could be more than simply a thrill-seeking tool for racing the clock, it could also be a tool for adventure and getting an personal view of the world.

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Filmmaker Spotlight: Devansh Mathur

Gotya | Devansh Mathur

“Gotya” is an intriguing bike-themed film set in India. We spent some time talking with filmmaker Devansh Mathur about the making of this complex piece.

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Filmmaker Spotlight: Dwayne Burgess

Catskills Dwayne

Dwayne Burgess says it was Ron Fricke‚Äôs “Koyaanisqatsi” that really paved the way for him as a filmmaker. “My first film was born out of the pure desire to challenge myself to create moving image with a digital camera, push every aspect of my knowledge and technical artistry using time lapse photography.” Continue reading

Filmmaker Spotlight: Ryan Van Duzer


Ryan Van Duzer describes himself as a tree-hugging hipping boy from Boulder who has never owned a car.
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Filmmaker Spotlight: Damian Ineichen


Damian Ineichen says he loves to capture adventures with friends, and for him film is the best way to do that.
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All Aboard!

Coming to the Filmed by Bike film festival from out of town? Ride Amtrak! Amtrak, hosts of our Main Stage on opening night, has plenty of room for bikes, so hop on the train and bring your bike along for the easiest possible trip to Portland. Once you’re in Portland, it’s easy to get around by bike, explore the city and soak it all in like a local. The city has a wealth of bike friendly routes that will easily take you all over the city making it simple to navigate your way.

Stop by any local bike shop or the Portland Visitor’s Center near the train station to pick up a copy of a free map of the region that helps you find the safest and most direct routes for getting to your destination.

The Amtrak Cascades line requires an advance reservation for bikes, so book your ticket early to secure a spot for you and your bike. It’s easy to get your bike on the train and an Amtrak employee will help you load your bike. With many food and drink options and things to see and do along the route, you will have an exciting trip to a vibrant city!

You can read more about bringing your bike on Amtrak on their website.

Filmmaker Showtimes


For complete festival info, click here.


To see when your film is showing, view the list below.

142 Miles From Monday Friday, 9pm
A Few Thousand Miles To Go Saturday 8pm
A tribute to Tassie Friday, 9pm
Alaska Hunting Sunday, 5 +7:30
Arlington Passages: Edgar Saturday 6pm
Autumn In Pagoda Sunday 5 + 7:30
BAM! – A bike travel little poem Saturday 6pm
Bicycle Tut Friday, 7pm
Bikepacking the Mongolian Steppe Sunday 5 + 7:30
Borders & Boundaries Saturday 8pm
Car Bike Bus RACE Friday, 7pm
Cross American Sunday 5 + 7:30
Cross Oregon Bike Tour Sunday 5 + 7:30
Cycling and wild camping in china Saturday 6pm
Cycling Circle Saturday 6pm
Cycling Karelia Sunday 5 + 7:30
Cycling the highest road in the world Friday, 9pm
Eddie Masters Gets Fat Friday, 9pm
Evolution of the Bicycle Saturday 6pm
FAT 5 Saturday 8pm
Gibidum Saturday 8pm
Go Riding Saturday 6pm
Gotya Sunday 5 + 7:30
Indie Alaska: I Am A Winter Cyclist Friday, 7pm
Keep Going Saturday 6pm
King of the Mountain Friday, 7pm
KRAS Friday, 7pm
Motherfucking Bike Friday, 9pm
Mountain Bikes and Bothy Nights Saturday 8pm
Mrs. Funfia Friday, 7pm
NYC is Handsome – On The Streets with Gabriel Frilando Saturday 6pm
Off the Beaten Path Extended Trailer Saturday 8pm
Renowned Series – Episode 7 Friday, 7pm
Ride Alive 2015 Saturday 6pm
Riding Behind the Curtain: Slovenia Friday, 7pm
Riding the John Wayne Trial Saturday 8pm
Rookie Friday, 7pm
Solidream, Aspirations Of The Pamirs Saturday 8pm
Spring In The Catskill Mountains Saturday 6pm
Team InFocus – Silence Friday, 7pm
The Gift Saturday 6pm
The Morning Ride Saturday 6pm
The Philadelphia Bike Story Saturday 6pm
The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon To Patagonia Saturday 8pm
Ti Cycles: Year 1 of Questionable Commercials Friday, 9pm
Time to get Moist Friday, 9pm
Toof Friday, 7pm
Trail to Kazbegi Saturday 8pm
Velo Visionaries – Morgan Fitzgibbons Saturday 6pm
Velosophers Sunday 5 + 7:30
Why I Love Riding Sunday 5 + 7:30

Photos of Adventure Films

Click for a larger version and please let us know if you need any additional images.

"Off the Beaten Path" by First Tracks Productions | South Lake Tahoe, California

“Off the Beaten Path” by First Tracks Productions | South Lake Tahoe, California

"Off the Beaten Path" by First Tracks Productions | South Lake Tahoe, California

“Off the Beaten Path” by First Tracks Productions | South Lake Tahoe, California

"MONTANUS - The COLD VEIN" by Giorgio Frattale + Francesco D'Alessio | L'Aquila, Italy

“MONTANUS – The COLD VEIN” by Giorgio Frattale + Francesco D’Alessio | L’Aquila, Italy

"Trail to Kazbegi" by Joey Schusler | Boulder, Colorado

“Trail to Kazbegi” by Joey Schusler | Boulder, Colorado

"Trail to Kazbegi" by Joey Schusler | Boulder, Colorado

“Trail to Kazbegi” by Joey Schusler | Boulder, Colorado

"Rookie"by  Damian Ineichen | Bonstetten, Switzerland

“Rookie”by Damian Ineichen | Bonstetten, Switzerland

2016 Festival Trailer

About the Trailer

Produced by Manny Marquez

Filmmaker Manny Marquez assembled a film crew, tucked them away in a historic, rustic fruit packing warehouse in Hood River and set about creating an impressive video trailer to set the tone of this year’s festival. Utilizing innovative filming techniques and referencing bike-themed moments in famous movies, this piece is an awesome reflection of the creative spirit of Filmed by Bike.

The Making of the Trailer

By Charles Perry

Filmmaker Info 2016

Dear Filmmakers,

CONGRATULATIONS! Your film was declared one of the World’s Best Bike Movies by the 2016 Filmed by Bike jury.

Below you can download your laurels below to showcase over your film wherever it is shown.


  • Send in the final format of your film by February 20, 2016
  • Send us the highest quality version you have. See recommendations here >>
  • If your film is on Vimeo, set it to be downloadable and notify us – we’ll download it.
  • If your film is hosted on YouTube, you must send us a file. We can’t download from YouTube.
  • You may use a file transfer service like YouSendIt, HighTail or Dropbox.
  • If you need to make modifications to your film, that’s okay. However, if the resulting film is along longer, we will be unable to show your film. We are currently at maximum capacity.
  • If your film is not received by February 20, it will not be shown at the festival.
  • The email address is


Each accepted film receives one free ticket to filmed by Bike. The email address used to submit your film is your ticket code.

Tickets go on sale March 1.

Special congratulations to the many accepted filmmakers who are not from Portland! Please come join us for the festival in May. We would love to host you in our bike friendly city!


Your film will be shown at the 14th Annual Filmed by Bike in Portland, Oregon May 6-8.

On March 1, you will be able to see the complete programs listings with information about when your film is screening.

After that, a select few films are chosen to enter our Traveling Program that brings Filmed by Bike movie collections all over the world to inspire people to ride bikes. If you have the rights to your music, you are eligible for this program and you film may be selected to be included.


Want to see Filmed by Bike where you live and ride? Host a Filmed by Bike movie night! It’s easy, just press play. We’ll help you out with all the details.


We will be announcing award nominees later in the festival season.

We will announce the winners at the Awards Ceremony: Saturday, May 7 following the 7:00pm show at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon.


If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Guthrie Straw, Films Manager
(503) 871-3373


Download your laurels here >>

Click for a larger version