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Filmed by Bike makes it easy to host a bike-themed film festival. We curate the world’s best bike movies into programs we’ve developed specifically for groups to host their own festival.

Filmmaker Spotlight: Manny Marquez

Manny Marquez says he got into cycling through film – not a typical route for most people.

After being sent on assignment to the Tour de France, Manny was inspired to ride his bike, and shed a much needed 130 pounds in the process. Now living in Hood River, Manny’s submission to Filmed by Bike is a hilarious glimpse at an irreverent Hood River forested ride.

The Making of a Trailer

A behind the scenes look at the making of the trailer for the 13th Annual Filmed by Bike. We spent several days following the bikers of Portland on their rides past some of our favorite spots.

Special thanks to filmmaker Domen Ožbot.

Filmmaker Spotlight: Chris Bruntlett

Chris Bruntlett hails from Vancouver, B.C. and is incredibly passionate about biking. He believes biking should be for everyone.

Chris is the creator of the Vancouver Cycle Chic movement and he returns to Filmed by Bike for the second year in a row with some of his fresh releases on everyday cycling.

Bike Bingo!

BINGO! Thursday, May 7 7:00-9:00pm Radio Room – 1101 NE Alberta Street


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Filmmaker Spotlight: Tim Royale

Tim Royale’s passion for art and cycling came at a young age. Fervently drawing since 8 years old, Tim’s childhood dreams of being a great illustrator inspired him to begin training as an animator. After some initial frustrations, the focus on animation quickly gave into film and motion pictures.

“Filming something was way easier than having to draw 24 frames per second,” Tim recalls.

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