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Advocacy Shorts

10 films
45 minutes

Produced with support from Street Films.

Advocacy is so important and advocates and activists around the world are making positive change happen in our cities. But when it comes to cycling advocacy, we can so easily slip into “wonky” technical speak about buffered bike lanes and sharrows.

This collect cuts through the jargon with plain-speak films that showcase what’s happening in cities all over the world. The global perspective in this program is outstanding. There are several profiles on inspiring every day cyclists and plenty of tips and suggestions for making ones community a more bike-friendly place.

This program is intentionally programmed to be 45 minutes in length. We recommend pairing it with a brief and powerful Q+A session at the end that covers:
* How do these films relate to what’s happening in our area?
* What positive change is happening in our area?
* What did you take away from what you saw in these films?
* Let’s all go out and ride and make change happen!

CLICK HERE to purchase this program >>

Watch Bike Movies All Weekend

Filmed by Bike is this weekend and there are over
40 bike movies
showing at the Clinton Street Theater. Each day there are three showings of different movies and Friday features its own special program of movies most suitable for the raucous Friday crowd.

Buy an unlimited entry festival pass and see them all!

No shows will sell out before doors open.

We have a limited number of ADVANCE tickets available for sale online and more tickets are for sale at the door. We recommend you come at least a half hour prior to showtime to ensure you get a ticket. If you are trying to get tickets for the 7:00 or 9:00 shows on Friday night, we recommend you come at 5:30 when the box office opens and tickets go on sale. Those popular shows will sell out quickly.

See the full program here >>

FILMMAKER SPOTLIGHT: Professor Dave Shapiro

Professor Dave Shapiro is a longtime contributor to Filmed by Bike, and returns once again this year with his film “The Boy Who Cried ‘Mechanical’. This stop-motion photography-animated short continues Dave’s series of Aesop Fables with bikes as the main stars. Dave brainstorms ideas for his movies while biking to work – an hour and a half each way.

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The Last Bike Movie Shot on Kodachrome

Filmed by Bike audiences will have the rare opportunity to see the last bike movie shot on Kodachrome film. Kodachrome debuted in 1935 and was an instant hit as the first film to effectively, and later extremely vibrantly, render color.

The very last Kodachrome processing machine was shut down in at the end of 2010, and filmmaker Lars C. Larsen, a veteran Filmed by Bike participant, managed to get one last film made before processing was no longer available. The result is “Cyclocross on Kodachrome 40”, a gritty, gorgeous cyclocross portrait set to a killer soundtrack (as Larsen’s films always are).

“Cyclocross on Kodachrome 40” plays during all screenings of the Friday Night Program and in the Need for Speed Program of Shorts B.

Filmmaker Spotlight: Filmmaker Q+A Sessions

yippee! volunteer with us Our Filmmaker Q+A sessions are powerful nights in the theater, an opportunity to get to know the creative minds behind some of Filmed by Bike’s favorite movies.

When the LCD Soundsystem remade the video for their song Drunk Girls, they chose to film it with a cadre of Portland bikers. The result is a gritty party video. Producer Kevin Sullivan will be on stage to discuss this piece, why they chose Portland, how they found the actors and how they developed the rough-and-tumble concept of an underground tall bike jousting bout.

Saturday, after the 5:00pm show:

Merritt Raitt, Kevin Sullivan (Producer), Professor Dave and his daughter, Heath Korvola

Sunday, after the 7:00pm show:

Joe Biel and Steve Bozzone, Ilima Considine, Chad Berkley

Filmmaker Spotlight: Mike Vogel

Oh the Places You Will Go to Film by Bike

(A poetic interpretation of one man’s adventures in filming and biking: about filmmaker Mike Vogel)

Meet Mike

     Who likes to film by bike.

But we ask would he dare

     Film by bike anywhere?

Would he film on a crane?

     Could he film in the rain?

I would film on a crane

     I would film in the rain.

I would film here or there,

     I would film anywhere.

Would he film in a pick-up truck,

     All the way to Lady Luck?

Where he and his crew,

     Could get a shot of my tattoo?

Yes in a truck, to Lady Luck

I would go, to prove it so.

That I would film here or there,

     I would film anywhere.

I bet he wouldn’t on Hawthorne Bridge,

     It’s vertically filming on a ridge.

Shy away from the bridge, I would not

     If it meant getting the perfect shot.

I would film here or there,

     I would film anywhere.

He wouldn’t, he couldn’t if it were against the law.

I would and could if I thought no one saw.

I would film here or there,

     I would film anywhere.

I guess it’s true, I guess it’s so

     There is not a place Mike wouldn’t go.

So the question remains, the places you will go

     In order to be in the Filmed By Bike Show.


Drawing inspiration from drawings is not just a process exclusive to big guns such as Marvel and DC Comics, but something animator Carlos Maya has perfected for Filmed by Bike in his shorts like “Big Wheel Bounce”, a 30-second complex animated piece that showed in our 2009 festival.

I would never describe my Saturday morning cartoons as a very thoughtful effort, except perhaps to decide which sugar cereal goes best with reruns of Captain Planet. For Carlos, though, this is when the thinking cap comes on. An animator by trade, Carlos’ ten years of experience have helped prepare him to be a front runner for past Filmed by Bike festivals. His inspiration from cartoons is the fuel behind his passion. Drawing from the archives of classic School House Rock, Carlos sets forth to bring out originality, personality and something completely new through his work.

Carlos offers up this advice for all of you aspiring filmmakers: “Do what you love, even if it does not make sense.” Maybe for Carlos doing what you love means cartoons and making people laugh, but for you it could mean something different. Find out what it is that you love and start filming. We can’t wait to see.

The deadline for Filmed by Bike submissions 1/20/2011 and you can learn more at our Best of the Worst (What not to do) event on November 6th. Details here >>

THE BEST OF THE WORST (what not to do) Nov. 6

Best of the Worst, Nov. 6What makes a great Filmed by Bike movie? Find out by watching the worst ever festival submissions at The Best of the Worst (what not to do) on November 6th at The Art Department (1315 SE 9th, at Madison). The event is an ongoing program of submissions rejected by the jury. Painful? Likely. Hilarious? Yes. Terribly awesome? Most definitely.

There will be a bar, food, filmmaker mini-talks and a jury opinion panel. This event marks the opening of our Call for Entries season. We will also be unveiling the fresh 2011 festival trailer by Daniel Hill.

The Best of the Worst (what not to do) is an ongoing looped program from 8:00-10:30p, so you may arrive at any time. Entrants will receive a wristband to come and go freely throughout the night.


Come See Us at Pedal Nation!

We’re straight chillin a the Oregon Convention Center all weekend for the Pedal Nation Bicycle Show. There are over 100 vendors and we’re excited to be surrounded with mountains of bike awesomeness. It’s more than a typical snorefest expo – they’ve planned all sorts of cool activities and a diverse mix of vendors.

Bring your dollars! We’ll be selling all of our DVDs at a special discounted price (cash only) and we’ll be selling raffle tickets for the Felt cruiser. Stop by our booth to say hi, pick up a poster, enter the raffle and buy some DVDs.

Filmmaker Profile: Lars C. Larsen

Filmed by Bike - Every April - Come watch bike movies!In Portland, the name Lars Larsen may ring a bell – of alarm: the conservative talk show host (Larson) is well known for giving bikers a hard time. But there’s another Lars in town who is fighting more for good than evil: Lars C. Larsen. This Lars is a Portland based filmmaker who has been involved with Filmed by Bike for four years now. With his films, Lars brings a creative approach to the festival, such as the ultra-short 2009 Speed Kills that was shot with a cool vintage effect.

Lars’s films have appeared in the Chicago Underground Film Festival, the Caucophany Film Festival, at San Francisco Film Arts, the Humboldt International Film Festival and now for the fourth time at Filmed By Bike. Lars is currently working on the TNT drama series Leverage and he has previously worked on Coraline, The Hunted, and several TV and film productions shot in and around Portland.

Lars’s most recent film Go! Paperboy! will show in Program 1. Program details >>

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No one wants a crappy gift this year, so buy Filmed by Bike DVDs for everyone on your list and make them all happy. Even non-bikers can enjoy the theatrical antics of Ski Boys and the rest of the gang on our DVDs!

For a limited time we’re offering your choice of any 3 DVDs for only $30 (U.S. shipping) or $40 (int’l shipping). That’s a savings of $12 or $13!

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BikeCraft – A Packed House!

Hey thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi and buy t-shirts and DVDs at our booth at BikeCraft. We had a great time, even if we had trouble breathing because there were so many people there. We estimate about 1,500 people attended and the hall was packed at 5:00, a half hour before the event was scheduled to open. And it stayed packed until 8pm, and full until 9:30.

We had a great time sharing our booth with our neighbor-friend Nikki who lives down the street from the Filmed by Bike headquarters. I was so distracted by all the people stopping by to say hi that I forgot to many pictures. Here are a few on our slideshow. You can find more from BikePortland on their slideshow.

The Summer of the Bike / Bike-In Movies!

Holy crikey bikes are everywhere this summer – and we’re not complaining! We’re seeing new riders left and right, car driving friends are all of a sudden on two wheels, wobbly riders, janky bikes and lots of smiles. It’s the summer of the bike; the bike is the official vehicle of summer 2008.

So Filmed by Bike is celebrating and partnering with The Night Ride to bring our program outside the theater walls. We’ll be hosting a bike-in theater in an open field in North Portland on July 12th and showing some of our favorites from the 2008 festival. Come join us for this killer nighttime tour of Portland.
[ watch the video ]

Recumbents are the new Fixies

Raise your hand if you’ve ever sneered at a recumbent rider. Well, I tell you, one of these days we’re all going to have blown knees, bad backs and sore arms and I don’t know about you but I sure as hell don’t want to give up riding.

Now, I’m not exactly saying I’ll for sure be riding a recumbent, but after watching Bent, a documentary about recumbent culture that debuts in our Bikers Win program, I gotta say that I’m done with the sneers and jeers. Recumbents may not exactly be the new fixies, but they certainly do give them a run for their money. I mean, no attitude? That aspect right there is worth quadruple it’s weight in titanium.

Anyway, check out their poster (click for larger). They’re stoked (rightly so) to be in this year’s festival. And I’ll tell you what, it’s not our only recumbent movie.