Watch Bike Movies All Weekend

Filmed by Bike is this weekend and there are over
40 bike movies
showing at the Clinton Street Theater. Each day there are three showings of different movies and Friday features its own special program of movies most suitable for the raucous Friday crowd.

Buy an unlimited entry festival pass and see them all!

No shows will sell out before doors open.

We have a limited number of ADVANCE tickets available for sale online and more tickets are for sale at the door. We recommend you come at least a half hour prior to showtime to ensure you get a ticket. If you are trying to get tickets for the 7:00 or 9:00 shows on Friday night, we recommend you come at 5:30 when the box office opens and tickets go on sale. Those popular shows will sell out quickly.

See the full program here >>

FILMMAKER SPOTLIGHT: Professor Dave Shapiro

Professor Dave Shapiro is a longtime contributor to Filmed by Bike, and returns once again this year with his film “The Boy Who Cried ‘Mechanical’. This stop-motion photography-animated short continues Dave’s series of Aesop Fables with bikes as the main stars. Dave brainstorms ideas for his movies while biking to work – an hour and a half each way.

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The Last Bike Movie Shot on Kodachrome

Filmed by Bike audiences will have the rare opportunity to see the last bike movie shot on Kodachrome film. Kodachrome debuted in 1935 and was an instant hit as the first film to effectively, and later extremely vibrantly, render color.

The very last Kodachrome processing machine was shut down in at the end of 2010, and filmmaker Lars C. Larsen, a veteran Filmed by Bike participant, managed to get one last film made before processing was no longer available. The result is “Cyclocross on Kodachrome 40”, a gritty, gorgeous cyclocross portrait set to a killer soundtrack (as Larsen’s films always are).

“Cyclocross on Kodachrome 40” plays during all screenings of the Friday Night Program and in the Need for Speed Program of Shorts B.

Filmmaker Spotlight: Filmmaker Q+A Sessions

yippee! volunteer with us Our Filmmaker Q+A sessions are powerful nights in the theater, an opportunity to get to know the creative minds behind some of Filmed by Bike’s favorite movies.

When the LCD Soundsystem remade the video for their song Drunk Girls, they chose to film it with a cadre of Portland bikers. The result is a gritty party video. Producer Kevin Sullivan will be on stage to discuss this piece, why they chose Portland, how they found the actors and how they developed the rough-and-tumble concept of an underground tall bike jousting bout.

Saturday, after the 5:00pm show:

Merritt Raitt, Kevin Sullivan (Producer), Professor Dave and his daughter, Heath Korvola

Sunday, after the 7:00pm show:

Joe Biel and Steve Bozzone, Ilima Considine, Chad Berkley

Don’t Worry, We’re Flexible

We work hard to bring you an incredible film festival jam-packed with stunning bike movies from around the world. But just because we’re hard-working doesn’t mean we’re hard asses. In fact, when this very late submission form arrived in the mail, we didn’t furrow our brow, we celebrated. Loved it so much, we’re sharing it with you.

Carl Larson, if there were an award for the best submission form, you’d definitely win it. Especially if that bribe comes through….

(click for a larger view)

Not Too Late to Bribe the Jury

Our jury is gearing up to sit though a weekend of screening movies to determine which submissions make the cut for our 2011 festival. We like to reward them with delicious food and plenty of booze. And then there are the bribes…. It’s okay if you want to try to bribe the jury. They like booze and snacks. We’ll be sure to tell them the bribe is from you.

So, even if you’ve already submitted your movie, it’s not too late to bribe the jury. Bribes can be dropped off at our headquarters (1158 NE Morton Street) on the door step any time before 2pm on Saturday. We look forward to seeing what you bring. Oh, and this picture is of the bribes we got last night.

Click to view a larger version – and that awesome sticker.

DVD Sale


Depending on where you live and how busy we are at the headquarters, your DVD should arrive in 1-4 weeks. Those of you in remote areas outside the US, have patience.

IN THE MEANTIME… we suggest you take some time to spread the word about Filmed by Bike? Point some of your favorite bike enthusiasts to our website. Become our Facebook friend or win free DVDs and other giveaways by following us on Twitter. Spread the bike love

DVD sales help fund our festival and keep bike movies on the silver screen.
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The Last Bike Movie Shot on Kodachrome

Today we received one of our very last submissions to the festival, and the last bike movie shot on Kodachrome film. Kodachrome debuted in 1935 and was an instant hit as the first film to effectively, and later extremely vibrantly, render color.

The very last Kodachrome processing machine was shut down in at the end of 2010, and filmmaker Lars C. Larsen, a veteran Filmed by Bike participant, managed to get one last film made before processing was no longer available. The result is a gritty, gorgeous cyclocross portrait set to a killer soundtrack (as Larsen’s films always are).

Meet the Jury

Every year we put out the call for jury ideas and we’re flooded with nominations for stellar people to be our movie selectors. This year we’ve assembled a stellar crew of nine people who will wade through endless hours of movies with a keen eye and a tumbler full of bourbon.

Let’s just get this part out of the way: Yes, you can bribe the jury. They like bourbon and other yummy stuff, too. It’s totally okay to slip a $20 in with your submission or otherwise try to sway this brazen bunch.

We’d like to cordially introduce you to the 2011 jury, a merry mix of extremely talented folks that includes Filmed by Bike’s biggest fan, a film journalist, a bike builder and a car-free filmmaker and film instructor who recently moved to Portland. We welcome aboard Heidi Swift, Nate Mescke, Aaron Mesh, Jim Anderson, Mary Nichols, Timo Forsberg, Rebecca Hamilton, Brenda Grell and Patrick Hughey.

Get to know our jury by reading more about them on the Jury Bios page.

Movie submissions are due 1/20/2011. More info >>

Filmmaker Spotlight: Mike Vogel

Oh the Places You Will Go to Film by Bike

(A poetic interpretation of one man’s adventures in filming and biking: about filmmaker Mike Vogel)

Meet Mike

     Who likes to film by bike.

But we ask would he dare

     Film by bike anywhere?

Would he film on a crane?

     Could he film in the rain?

I would film on a crane

     I would film in the rain.

I would film here or there,

     I would film anywhere.

Would he film in a pick-up truck,

     All the way to Lady Luck?

Where he and his crew,

     Could get a shot of my tattoo?

Yes in a truck, to Lady Luck

I would go, to prove it so.

That I would film here or there,

     I would film anywhere.

I bet he wouldn’t on Hawthorne Bridge,

     It’s vertically filming on a ridge.

Shy away from the bridge, I would not

     If it meant getting the perfect shot.

I would film here or there,

     I would film anywhere.

He wouldn’t, he couldn’t if it were against the law.

I would and could if I thought no one saw.

I would film here or there,

     I would film anywhere.

I guess it’s true, I guess it’s so

     There is not a place Mike wouldn’t go.

So the question remains, the places you will go

     In order to be in the Filmed By Bike Show.

The Countdown Begins!

Come watch bike movies!The clock is ticking… just a few more weeks to get your submissions in to the 9th Annual Filmed by Bike film festival. Submissions are due 1/20/2011. It’s free to enter. You can find all of the submission details here.

New this year, we’re accepting a limited number of longer movies. In the past we’ve always limited submissions to a mere 8 minutes, but this year we decided to branch out a little. But we’re only accepting a select few movies that are longer than 8 minutes. So if you think your movie is up to snuff, send it on in.

We look forward to seeing your submissions!


Filmmaker Mini-Talks at Best of the Worst (What not to do)

How do you make a great movie? Find out by coming to the Best of the Worst (What not to do) this Saturday at Art Department (1315 SE 9th) from 8-10:30 p.m. Some of our favorite Filmed by Bike filmmakers are cramming their wisdom into rapid fire five-minute mini-talks that pack a punch.

8:50 – Lars C. Larsen of Nano Films will present “Editing a Super Short Movie”.
9:40 – Mike Vogel from Front Ave films presents on “How to Make a Zero Budget Movie”.
10:20 – Dan Kaufman of Crank my Chain will present on “The Worst Movie I Ever Made”.

Times may vary slightly, so come early


Drawing inspiration from drawings is not just a process exclusive to big guns such as Marvel and DC Comics, but something animator Carlos Maya has perfected for Filmed by Bike in his shorts like “Big Wheel Bounce”, a 30-second complex animated piece that showed in our 2009 festival.

I would never describe my Saturday morning cartoons as a very thoughtful effort, except perhaps to decide which sugar cereal goes best with reruns of Captain Planet. For Carlos, though, this is when the thinking cap comes on. An animator by trade, Carlos’ ten years of experience have helped prepare him to be a front runner for past Filmed by Bike festivals. His inspiration from cartoons is the fuel behind his passion. Drawing from the archives of classic School House Rock, Carlos sets forth to bring out originality, personality and something completely new through his work.

Carlos offers up this advice for all of you aspiring filmmakers: “Do what you love, even if it does not make sense.” Maybe for Carlos doing what you love means cartoons and making people laugh, but for you it could mean something different. Find out what it is that you love and start filming. We can’t wait to see.

The deadline for Filmed by Bike submissions 1/20/2011 and you can learn more at our Best of the Worst (What not to do) event on November 6th. Details here >>

Jury Nominations

We are now accepting nominations for the 10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike Jury.

Who should have the esteemed honor of selecting movies for our 10th anniversary? Over 100 movie submissions come from around the world, and our jury makes the final selections of what is shown during the festival.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun (see video).


We don’t require much, but please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Jury members ARE allowed to also submit a movie to the festival
  • Jury members must be able to attend two jury screenings in late January and early February in Portland
  • We prefer to not have repeat jury members
  • Self-nominations are a-okay in our book!


[formidable id=2]

THE BEST OF THE WORST (what not to do) Nov. 6

Best of the Worst, Nov. 6What makes a great Filmed by Bike movie? Find out by watching the worst ever festival submissions at The Best of the Worst (what not to do) on November 6th at The Art Department (1315 SE 9th, at Madison). The event is an ongoing program of submissions rejected by the jury. Painful? Likely. Hilarious? Yes. Terribly awesome? Most definitely.

There will be a bar, food, filmmaker mini-talks and a jury opinion panel. This event marks the opening of our Call for Entries season. We will also be unveiling the fresh 2011 festival trailer by Daniel Hill.

The Best of the Worst (what not to do) is an ongoing looped program from 8:00-10:30p, so you may arrive at any time. Entrants will receive a wristband to come and go freely throughout the night.


Call for Entries Promotions Intern

We’re looking for a kick ass person to join our team to assist with fall promotions for the Filmed by Bike 2011 festival call for movie entries. This is an excellent opportunity for on-the-job learning under the tutelage of a very organized team spearheaded by two people with extensive expertise in event organization and marketing. One of our former interns is entering his third year assisting the festival with high-level projects and we have an extremely dedicated volunteer crew.

The festival grows every year with the assistance of our interns and staff who conduct extensive outreach to filmmakers around the world.

MORE INFO + HOW TO APPLY (deadline is September 18) >>

Poster Artist Call for Entries

We’re looking for a kick ass artist to design the 2011 Filmed by Bike poster. Every year, this poster, printed by our partners at Stumptown Printers, gives space to a different artist. The poster is printed on a heavy stock and offset, high quality printing on the old fashioned machines at Stumptown.

There are no logos on the poster and each year has been wildly different. We pay our poster artist $200 and take great pride in finding an amazing artist to showcase through this piece.

If you wish to be considered for this year’s poster, send us examples of your work, or a mock up of what you’d like to propose for our 2011 poster. If you are making a mock up, please take into consideration the following elements:
* April 15-17, 2011 – Clinton Street Theater – Portland, Oregon, USA
* Our logo
* 11×17
* Bleeds are possible
* Landscape or portrait




First off, congratulations to the Felt cruiser winner, Elaine from Vancouver, B.C.! Now she gets to ride it all the way back to Canada (or take it on the train).

Congrats also to Robin Moore for winning the Golden Helmet Award for his film Performance (Program 1) and Lars C. Larsen for winning the GoIndependent! Award for his film Go! Paperboy! (Program 1).

Special thanks goes to Brad Nelson (Operations Director), Meghan Sinnott (Raffle Coordinator), Stephen Fortunato (Permitting), Owen Walz (Volunteer Coordinator), Elizabeth Chang (Promotions), Elicia Cardenas (Stage Manager), Jenny Cadigan (Box Office) and Sauce (Festival DJ) for their assistance making the festival such a raging success.

And of course, to all the filmmakers – my most grateful thanks for bringing great quality films to our festival every year. We coudn’t do it without you.

Until next year,
Ayleen Crotty, Festival Director