Who Should Get to Award the World’s Best Bike Movies?

Filmed by Bike showcases the world’s best bike movies. Tons of movies from all over the world are submitted to the festival and our jury wades through the good, the bad and the ugly to find the amazing gems that will be award the honored distinction of being one of the World’s Best Bike Movies.

So who should get to to occupy an esteemed seat on the jury?

That’s up to you.

Nominate your hero to the Filmed by Bike jury today! Deadline is 12/1/2015. MORE INFO >>

Host a Film Festival

Let’s inspire people to ride bikes!

Filmed by Bike makes it easy to host a bike-themed film festival. We curate the world’s best bike movies into programs we’ve developed specifically for groups to host their own festival.

Whether you’re an advocacy organization, municipal department, museum, theater or individual, we have a program that your audience will love.


The World’s Best Bike Movies

Filmed by Bike features the world’s best bike movies. This year’s program is an excellent collection of films, featuring a wide variety of styles, from documentaries to love stories, music videos to tales of adventure on the rugged road.

Can’t decide what to see? Purchase a VIP Pass for unlimited entry and access to exclusive VIP events. Filmed by Bike only happens once a year – make the most of it!


We’re Hiring!


The 13th Annual Filmed by Bike is a film festival featuring the best bicycle themed movies from around the world. We coordinate a high energy event that features a huge street party, auxiliary events and two days of movies at the theater. Film submissions come from around the world.

We are hiring for the following positions and we’re looking for some hardworking, enthusiastic rockstars to join our creative team!

Festival Assistant Filled
Festival PAID Internship Filled
Festival Producer Filled

Bike Scout Survey

Thanks for participating in the inaugural Bike Scout Scavenger Hunt! We’d like you to help shape this year’s ride.

For reference:
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Please complete this survey by June 25

Your Scout Masters
Matt Stefanik
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p.s. please join us for Bikes+Books on June 25, a literary event with a bar. MORE INFO >>

Audience Choice Award

Congratulations to Norbi Whitney for winning the Audience Choice Award, presented by Brompton, for his movie “Dust in the Chain” which won by a landslide.

Runners up:
The Spinster | Kristin Tieche – San Francisco
Eight Minute Deadline | Zina Papadopoulou and Petros Papadopoulos – Athens, Greece
FLOW: Elements of Freeride | Oly Mingo – Wenatchee, Washington
Heart and Soul | Chris Brunett – Vancouver, Canada

Film Spotlight: Bread for Bike

Bike for Bread | 26:08
Claude Marthaler, Raphaël Jochaud – France
Plays in the Travel Shorts program Sunday at 7pm

In the beginning of the world was the Nile, and then came bread and cycling. Over a solid half-century, Cairo has invented an unusual means of delivering bread. As if they were tightrope walkers, the city’s cyclists soar like shooting stars, zooming up one-way streets against endless lines of cars, slipping between the rows of chairs of a café, and disappearing into a bazaar. One hand serves to balance a wooden rack on their heads, bearing hundreds of rounds of bread, and the other rests on the handlebar.

The future of these figures, so familiar in Cairo, remains nonetheless as precarious as that of the Sphinx. Cyclonaut, Claude Marthaler, went there in person to tell the life story of one of Cairo’s bread deliverymen.


Film Spotlight: Bicycle and a Way of Life

Bicycle and a Way of Life | 14:34
Bubba McClean – Los Angeles, California

In East LA, a teenage bicycle thief straddles two worlds – that of her old fashioned Latina grandma and that of her thuggish crooked boss. When these worlds collide, she must decide which path to take.

This thrilling film features a strong female lead, an interesting cultural perspective and bike thievery. It plays in our Heavy Pedal program, April 20 at 5pm and April 22 at 8pm.

Join Bubba on stage following the Sunday 5pm show during the Filmmaker Q+A session.


Golden Helmet Award Finalists

Golden Helmet TrophyCongratulations to the top three finalists contending for the Golden Helmet Award, presented by Travel Oregon

Dust in the Chain | 4:37
Norbi Whitney – Quebec, Canada
Playing in the Heavy Pedal and Bike Party programs >>

The Chop | 2:30
Tim Royle – Cheshire, UK
Playing in the Heavy Pedal program >>

FLOW: Elements of Freeride | 2:58
Oly Mingo | Wenatchee, Washington
Playing in the Travel Shorts and Bike Party programs >>

Please join us for the awards ceremony on Tuesday, April 22 following the 6pm program, a chance to see who goes home with the coveted Golden Helmet trophy.


Bike Bingo

Bingo is the new trivia

BingoSq Join us for night of raucous Bike Bingo that will get you all-sorts-of fired up for the 12th Annual Filmed by Bike festival.

The event is free and all ages but this isn’t your grannie’s bingo: we’re adding in challenge options, creative winning patterns and bonus point opportunities.

Prizes include tickets to the 12th Annual Filmed by Bike and other hot booty.

Watch the gigantic bingo board at Radio Room light up as you eagerly await your your numbers to be called by our star caller, Peter Koonce, a heavy-hitting traffic engineer.

Radio Room will be preparing a special Bike Bingo-inspired cocktail menu with drinks like the Side Cargo Bike and the Bingorita.

Registration is not required, but we encourage you to RSVP to the Facebook event, spread the word and bring all your friends.


Radio Room
1101 NE Alberta Street
Radio Room is all ages until 9:00pm.

Calling All Storytellers!

Bikes in the Night Sky, presented by Arkel, is a night of live storytelling on stage at the Clinton St. Theater April 21 as part of the 12th Annual Filmed by Bike.


Do you have a powerful story you’d like to share?

Stories are limited to seven minutes and only six storytellers will be accepted. Tryouts are March 25 from 7-9pm in NE Portland. Once you’re signed up, we’ll tell you the location.

15 tryout slots are available. Claim yours today!

We will be in touch with details. If you have questions, please contact Ayleen@FilmedByBike.org.

Mark Your Calendar!

The 12th Annual Filmed by Bike is April 19-22 at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland, Oregon. Mark your calendar and get ready for four days of exciting events and movies at the theater. Tickets go on sale March 1.

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