Incredible Movies

The 2013 collection of movies screening in the 11th Annual Filmed by Bike is one of our best collections yet.

From our vast pool of submissions, the jury selected 40 films that were curated into 4 distinct collections that will play across 8 showtimes – meaning you have plenty of opportunities to get to the Clinton St. Theater to watch bike movies.


Highlights this year include an extended Scottish tale of a woeful pedicab driver during his last day on the job (Three-Legged Horses), two ridiculously hilarious pieces about people living on their bikes (Mick and The Man Who Lived On His Bike), several gorgeous and inspiring bike touring films and the graciously filmed Bare as You Dare documentary on the Portland World Naked Bike Ride.


View all four programs and select your tickets. For the best deal and full experience, purchase a festival pass for only $25.


New Belgium Street Fest

We’re kicking off Filmed by Bike in style with us at the New Belgium Street Fest on Opening Night!

Saturday, April 20
3:00 pm – 9:00 pm
All ages, free entry


Beer garden with food by Dots Cafe
DJ Anjali + The Incredible Kid
Love Bomb Go Go
A bumpin’ pedal-powered sound system
Make your own iron-on design
Bike Confessional video booth
Photo booth
Gigantic bike parking arena from Laughing Planet Cafe


Plan to come early and stay all day. The box office opens at 3pm so you can buy your movie tickets then hang out at the party while you wait for your show to start. Live entertainment all day festival long!


World Naked Ride Documentary will Premiere at Filmed by Bike

What’s with all the naked people who ride bikes through the streets of Portland every summer? Is it just a crazy band of freaks or something more? Any why are their numbers growing so strongly every year? Why would someone want to do that?

Bare As You Dare is a documentary by Ian McCluskey and NW Documentary that offers a gracious glimpse at this annual event through the experiences of several unlikely-to-get-naked participants.


Read more about the documentary >>.


Ian will be on stage as a part of our Filmmaker Q+A Sessions following the screening of his movie at the Sunday 7pm show. READ MORE >>


“Bare As You Dare” plays during the Bicycle Dreams program. SHOWTIMES: Sunday 7PM (plus Filmmaker Q+A), Tuesday 7PM (Plus Golden Helmet Award presentation).

Seeking Rockstars (Get In Free)

We’re looking for a handful of volunteers, oops, we mean ROCKSTARS!

Be in the heart of Filmed by Bike and help make this festival the gigantic event that it is.

Rockstars are needed in advance and during the festival. You’ll earn free movie tickets. Volunteering with us is easy, fun and the shifts are short.


Sign up today to ensure you get your preferred spot.

Four Distinct Programs

We’re showcasing the works of 40 filmmakers at the 11th Annual Filmed by Bike. We’ve curated four distinct programs that you’re going to love.


Our special program for the opening night raucous crowd. Shows only on Saturday at 7pm + 9pm. Includes the Sock Dreams Speed Raffle. [more info]


A collection of tales of people performing impressive feats with their bicycles. Sat 7pm, Sun 5pm, Tues 9pm. [more info]


An impressive mix of films including Bare As You Dare, an impressive 17 minute documentary about the Portland World Naked Ride produced by Ian McCluskey and NW Documentary. Sun 7pm, Tues 7pm. [more info]


Sometimes we break our own rules, and this screening certainly does just that with plenty of longer international films and collection of shorts thrown in for good measure. One showtime only: Sun 9pm. [more info]

Watch Movies at Pedal Nation!

We’ll be at Pedal Nation March 23-24 at the Portland Expo Center showcasing movies.

Come sit in the Filmed by Bike Viewing Lounge. Relax, hang out, and enjoy the show.

We’ll also be selling our DVDs at a special deeply discounted show price.

Our booth is #420 located at the corner of the Pedal Park and the Freeride Area (sweet!) and next to our friends of North St. Bags (generous donors to our Sock Dreams Speed Raffle).


Volunteer for Filmed by Bike – GET IN FREE

Opening Night Street Party!Volunteers are needed for the 11th Annual Filmed by Bike.

This is an easy, fun way to get in free and be a part of this very cool festival.


Volunteer in advance and get your project completed early so you can enjoy the festival. These few positions go quickly, please sign up today!


Immerse yourself in Filmed by Bike. Tons of volunteers are needed.


2013 Poster

Download your own copy of our killer 2013 poster, illustrated and designed by Matt Cardinal.

Print out a copy to post on your fridge, at your office and everywhere else to show your excitement for the 11th Annual Filmed by Bike.

(click image to download a PDF)

The Deciders

Filmed by Bike showcases the best bike movies from around the world. After four months of hard work, we’re finally ready to review a fantastic international collection of bike movies.

The jury will be squirreled away in a secret location all weekend long to watch, grade and discuss the movies that will shape our 11th annual festival.

So, who are they? Read their bios.

Not Too Late to Bribe the Jury

Our jury is gearing up to sit though a weekend of screening movies to determine which submissions make the cut for our 2013 festival. We like to reward them with delicious food and plenty of booze. And then there are the bribes…. It’s okay if you want to try to bribe the jury. They like booze and snacks. We’ll be sure to tell them the bribe is from you.

So, even if you’ve already submitted your movie, it’s not too late to bribe the jury. Bribes can be dropped off at our headquarters (1158 NE Morton Street) on the door step any time before 1pm on Friday. We look forward to seeing what you bring. Oh, and this picture is of the bribes from festivals past, bribes that made the jury VERY happy.

Click to view a larger version – and that awesome sticker.

A Time Honored Tradition: Bribe the Jury

Are you nervous about your film being accepted? Ringing your hands in anticipation? Concerned your submission may not be up to snuff? Well, fear not! It’s totally okay to bribe the jury.

Not only is it encouraged, it’s tradition.

This image is of the original bribe that started it all, thanks to filmmaker Burk Webb whose striking films dazzle our audiences and boozy bribes have titillated our jury for years.

Now, that’s the spirit! After all, the jury meets to review submissions all weekend. And they’re thirsty….


  • Submissions are due 1/20/2013 but an extension may be available
  • If you have any questions, please email our friendly intern David:
  • Submission details are here.

Best of luck!

Updates From Filmed by Bike


The 11th Annual Filmed by Bike features the best bike movies from around the world. We are seeking bike-themed movie submissions for the 2013 festival.


Are you obsessed with film? Or bikes? Or both? Well, we’ve got a job that’s perfect for you! We’re looking for an outstanding, enthusiastic hard worker to join our team in making the 2013 festival a huge success.