Blaq Bags

Blaq Bags recently set up shop in SE Portland. They caught our eye with their light up bags.  That’s right!  Bags with built in lights!  They’re going to customize one for us.  We’re absolutely giddy with excitement.

North St. Bag

An exclusive bag designed for Filmed by Bike!  Curtis Williams of North St. Bags has created a stunning wax canvas bag.  It’s one classy piece of work.  He’s also including a matching top tube roll.  You think you’re hot now?  Just wait ’till you’re rollin’ around town with this set.


Joseph Ahearne, local handmade bike builder, makes stunning and highly-functioning bicycles.  He also makes ingenious frame mount cages… for your FLASK.  There is simply no better way to carry your quality libations while out for a ride than in an Ahearne flask and cage.


Hey you!   Yes, you.  It’s time for a haircut.  Win a year’s worth of free haircuts from Bishops.  They have shops all over Portland, their hip staff can hook you up with the freshest look, and they’ll give you free beer while you wait for your turn.  Incredible!

Filmed by Bike DVD Set

You’ve seen the movies in the theater, now watch them from the comfort of your couch or while traveling to visit friends. This collection includes our Greatest Hits DVD, a historic collection from the early days of Filmed by Bike featuring movies salvaged from VHS tape and not available ANYWHERE ELSE!

This is an incredible piece of bike culture history.