Sunday, May 7, 5:30pm

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The bicycle is seemingly a simple machine, yet it can change lives. In tonight’s special program, we present a series of films from all over the world that showcase some of the most inspiring tales of triumph and transformation.

Be sure to stick around for the Filmmaker Q+A session following the films.

Special thanks to Films Manager Guthrie Straw for his tireless work to unearth the incredible films in this collection, many of which are rare works that wouldn’t otherwise be seen on the theater screen.

Today’s Features

  • Filmmaker Ride + Chris King Tour [ info ]
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  • Filmmaker Q+As  [ info ]
  • ABUS Bike Parking Arena [ info ]


No More Limits: Jimmy the Handcyclist | 2:00
Objekt Films – London, England
Shot in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range in the North of Mallorca, this film tells the story of how a young man’s fast paced lifestyle unsuccessfully tried to slow him down.

Biking The World | 3:02
Ena Bavcic – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
After the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the dissolution of Yugoslavia, citizens were prevented to travel in most parts of the world for some 15 years. When the restriction was lifted, Dado decided to travel across Europe to Morocco. Today he is on his third big bike trip. Dado’s dream, and that of many people he meets along the way, is a world without borders.

My Ride | 3:00
Jessie Ayles – London, England
A glimpse at London’s only all female Muslim cycling club.

Ride for Korah | 2:47
Locke + Stache Media – Springfield, Missouri
Ride for Korah is a cross-country bike tour campaigning to raise awareness and funds for I Pour Life’s women’s empowerment program in Korah, Ethiopia.

Journey On The Pedals | 3:05
Nick Wambugu – Nairobi, Kenya
The story of the first International Cycling union Continental cyclist team to emerge from east Africa.

A Way Forward | 6:00
Isaac and Jacob Seigel-Boettner / Pedal Born Pictures – Berkeley, California
For Dianah and Angela, going to school in rural Kenya couldn’t have been more difficult. Rise before the sun. Fetch water. Study. Cook breakfast for the family. Brave the hour long walk to class, dodging the sexual advances of motorcycle taxi drivers along the way. Arrive in class exhausted, worrying constantly about the return trip. Then Dianah and Angela got bicycles.

The Secret Truth of the Universe | 3:34
Sai Selvarajan – Arlington, Texas
Riding home late at night presents some dangerous challenges to this aspiring chef, but she perseveres.

Cycologic | 15:00
Emilia Stålhammar – Malmö, Sweden
The urban planner Amanda Ngabirano’s biggest dream is to have a cycling lane in her city of Kampala, Uganda. An impossible task, according to most people, but not according to Amanda.Ride along as Amanda calmly navigates the dangerous traffic environment.

A Girl Needs A Bike | 4:00
Letitia Lamb and Vivien Mason – Tasmania, Australia
This whimsical animated documentary shows how bicycling brings joy to a new teacher and independence to her students in Ghana.

The Bicycle Maker | 7:12
Bidit Roy – Pune, India
With a deep-seated passion for handcrafting, Shaliesh Krishna is changing the way bicycles are designed for a personalized experience.

Revolutions | 6:00GoldenHelmetNominee
Jessie Ayles – London, England
A look at the growing Chiang Mai bicycle scene in Northern Thailand.

Closer Than We Know | 6:33
Stephen Spurlock, Jeff Kennel, Travis Whitty, Mike Palzkill and Keenan Hock – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Even in our moments of deepest isolation, we are so much closer than we know.

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