Filmmaker Spotlight: Alastair Humphreys

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Alastair Humphreys was once named a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, and is a sought after inspirational speaker and a best-selling author. His expeditions are a call to arms: “Nothing,” he proclaims, “is achieved without someone being bold enough to begin it and taking that first step” – which needs only be a tiny one to “set us on the way to realizing that we are all capable of more than we imagine.”
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2016 Festival Trailer

About the Trailer

Produced by Manny Marquez

Filmmaker Manny Marquez assembled a film crew, tucked them away in a historic, rustic fruit packing warehouse in Hood River and set about creating an impressive video trailer to set the tone of this year’s festival. Utilizing innovative filming techniques and referencing bike-themed moments in famous movies, this piece is an awesome reflection of the creative spirit of Filmed by Bike.

The Making of the Trailer

By Charles Perry