Aspirations Of The Pamirs

Four traveling Frenchmen once circled the globe by bike, making a stop in Portland to watch their movie on the big screen at Filmed by Bike. Eventually they returned home, but the journey contines.

Montanus: The Cold Vein

The call of the mountain is even stronger during winter, when the snow breaks the tree-tops and the cold weather freezes
the bones. During this time, when most people put their bike to rest, an adventure between two Italian buddies began.

The Making of the 2016 Festival Trailer

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.14.48 AMOur festival trailer, produced by filmmaker Manny Marquez, was a huge undertaking, masterfully carried out in an old fruit packing warehouse in Hood River.

Filmmaker Charles Perry takes us behind the scenes for a peek into just how this complex piece came together.