Meet the Team: Kanani Koster

We are pleased to welcome Kanani Koster to the 2019 team, a filmmaker and film festival veteran and our new Festival Assistant.

Equality Rules

Through her work in Urban Environmental Education (she has a Masters), which is focused on community building and activation, Kanani has developed a deep understanding and commitment to addressing equity issues and bringing new voices to the forefront.

As a film festival that tours globally and has an engaging platform to share ideas, equality is a strong focus for Filmed by Bike. We are excited to bring to the screen and stage the voices of people often omitted from the conversation and left out of positions of prominence and celebration. We’re thrilled that Kanani is on the team to help further this mission.

Kanani says she is looking forward to working with Filmed by Bike this year. “The sense of community I find here between film lovers, filmmakers and local community organizations is so invigorating.”

A Busy, Talented Filmmaker

Kanani has run her own youth film education company, Cherry Street Films, and has worked on numerous film festivals including Seattle International Film Fest and the Portland International Film Fest. Kanani also directs and edits her own award winning narrative shorts.

“Film is such a powerful method of storytelling,” Kanani explains. “It is so accessible and has such a big impact on our lives. I love seeing people engaged and talking after a film – good or bad!”

Building the Volunteer Crew

Among her many other projects with Filmed by Bike, Kanani is our Volunteer Coordinator, mentoring a team of people who help make this festival possible.  “Volunteers never get enough love and I know after working at so many festivals that a good festival can NOT run without them!” Learn more about working with Kanani as a volunteer on our Volunteer Page.

She is also coordinating this year’s Friday Night Speed Raffle, so when you win one of those hot prizes, you’ll have Kanani to thank for that.

Follow Kanani

Follow Kanani’s work and get updates about her next projects on Instagram @_ikanani_.