Lemolo Bag

Eli’s bags do not disappoint. Pure quality and style. Sturdy and sexy.

Tiago DeJerk

Original stenciled piece by popular bike artist, Tiago.

Ciclisimo Designs

Gorgeous silver pendants with cycling saints and other inspired designs.


BIKEASAURUS has made a gift basket packed full of bike-related goodies.

North Street

Handmade pannier made just for Filmed by Bike.

Po Campo

Win a handy little handlebar bag.  Stylish and functional.

Rickshaw Bags

A Pipsqueak, and Medium Zero in matching Tweed colors.  Tweed Ride, anyone?

Fabric Horse

Good looking and intelligently made accessories for bikers.

Sock Dreams

It doesn’t matter if you like to dress up like a boy


Guest essentials package.  Help your bikey friends become properly acquainted with Portland


Sporty bag and the best ergonomic carbon grips donated by Ergon with