Festival Jury

Every year Filmed by Bike receives hundreds of film submissions from filmmakers all over the world. Our panel of bike and film experts and enthusiasts is tasked with wading through the varied collection to determine which films make the cut and earn the title of World’s Best Bike Movies.

We are thrilled for this year’s notable jury!

Meet the Jury

Tenzin (Nam) Namdol

Co-owner of RonsBikes.com

Machimoodus on Wangunks Territory (East Haddam, Connecticut, USA)

“Currently, I’m keeping life simple by running my small business and training for the Tour Divide.

“My biases include art/media made and produced by QTBIPOCs (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color). I’m drawn to stories and narratives that have QTBIPOCs both in front of the screen and behind.

“When I first immigrated to this country from India, I learned the American English lexicon by watching films, and assimilated to the culture by observing themes in USAmerican TV shows. In my younger youth in India, I loved to watch the technicolor Bollywood movies and would skip school to watch movies.

“Films have served as balms for ancestral wounds, inspiration for big journies, motivation for political action, bringer of raucous laughter and have tremendously shaped the culture and language we use with each other. This medium of storytelling transcends physical and material realities in a way that is still tangible in feeling. I love how both movies and bikes can be vehicles for expanding connection – to each other, the land and ourselves.”

Why she’s excited to be on the jury

“I’m looking forward to the hard work people in the cyclo-sphere (my favorite sphere) have put into their visual communiques. I’m also hoping to find peers and collaborators for future bicycle travel – that’d be a big bonus.

“Mostly, I’m interested in seeing things I never knew existed or inspiration I didn’t think was possible.”


Founding member of WTF Bikexplorers, a movement toward more connection, gender inclusivity, and racial justice within the adventure cycling community.

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La Guaytamba (Sofía de la Torre)

Artist, Architect, Two-Wheeled Nomad

Ambato, Ecuador

Sofía was born in Ecuador, close to Tungurahua volcano where little peaches called guaytambos grow.

After seven years of living at sea level in Buenos Aires, Argentina, La Guaytamba realized her heart belonged to high altitude volcanic lands. With no job, no money, being hard-headed with more-than-hard legs, she traveled 5,000 miles by bicycle through six countries in South America with three other Ecuadorian woman.

La Guaytamba now bikes, draws and hosts creative workshops in Quito.

Why she’s excited to be on the jury

Sofía says she’s excited to be part of this year’s jury to have an excuse to connect again with bicycle stories and, who knows, maybe even get some inspiration to grab her bicycle and go for some hilly adventures once again.


Warmifonias /@warmifonias

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Nichole Watson

Emerging Cyclist, Activist and Organizer

Portland, Oregon, USA

“As an emerging cyclist living in a predominately white city, when I ride a bike I am stuck between what I remember biking felt like as a kid – with my neighborhood crew – and how it feels now as a Black woman.

“When I’m on my bike, I feel challenged and really able to block out the world. I’m able to think.

“As an elementary school principal, I want my students to take their youthful love for riding bikes and evolve with it as they grow up. And film is the perfect medium to introduce them to a world outside of their neighborhoods.

“Bikes and film is the perfect entry point to the justice I think cycling needs.”

Why she’s excited to be on the jury

“I am super excited to join the Filmed by Bike Jury! I’m new to cycling but have a deep love for film and discourse. I am excited to watch these films and interact with this thing I love from a different perspective. I hope there are films that cover that nuisance and the underground cycling culture where the art lives.”


Black Girls Do Bike PDX Member @BGDBPDX


Tope Sosanya

Entrepreneur, Web Developer, 3D Designer, Photographer, Founder of PDX Skateparks

Portland, Oregon, USA

“Bikes have positively influenced my life on a fundamental level since a child. As an adult I ride all kinds of bikes, and my journey into bikes began with BMX. From health to creativity to community, my bike has taken me great places and consistently opens my mind to new spaces.

“I have a soft spot for BMX bike riding, and trick bike riding of all sorts.

“I think there is a synthesis between bikes and film from a technical standpoint. Bikes and films are simple yet complex. Bikes are efficient – so are films in conveying a message. While films are all about moving images, bikes accelerate human movement by 5-10x the efficiency of walking. Both are about fast paced movement and that is exciting to me.”

Why he’s excited to be on the jury

“I am excited to be on the Filmed by Bike Jury because firstly, it is a great way to spread awareness about bicycles on a national and global level. I look forward to seeing highly creative films of all sorts. I especially appreciate crisp colors, composition, image quality, storytelling, and films with a message. Films that inspire people to ride will be the top films in my opinion.”


PDX Skateparks

0101 Design

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Carrie Leonard


Portland, Oregon, USA

By day, Carrie is the Chief of Staff for an Oregon State Representative and works in climate change and transportation policy.

“On a regular basis, I accomplish things on my bike I didn’t think I could do. These things range the gamut from riding no-hands, to competing in endurance sporting events, to camping without a car, to commuting year-round via bike.”

Why she’s excited to be on the jury

“The best films, for me, are those that show me things I had never thought I could do, but seem entirely within reach if I just try. I’ll never forget the film about the family who traveled through China via bike – the good, the bad, and the ugly. But they did a thing that seemed impossible but really wasn’t. I’m not even close to ready to try riding single track with a crazy drop-off on one side, but I am ready to try to ride parts of the Continental Divide or in New York City, even though I’ve never done anything like that before. That’s what these films bring me.”


Karen Gibbs

Bicycle and Film Enthusiast

Washington, D.C. USA

Karen can’t remember a time when she didn’t ride a bicycle – for fun, transport, adventure and the sense of freedom it brings. She has a passion for bicycle touring, commuting by bike and raising awareness and funding for charities with her bicycle.

Karen is retired from a career at National Geographic where everyone loves storytelling, photography and films, and bicycles, too.

As a bicycle enthusiast, she says she knows that “re-tired” only means “putting on a new set of tires and rolling out for new adventures.” Ha!

Why she’s excited to be on the jury

“Serving on the Filmed by Bike Jury is an exciting way to help a great organization inspire more cyclists and film fans of all ages. I hope to see more great creativity in the films — new perspectives, stories that have not been told, or good stories told in fresh ways.”


New York WILD Film Festival

Erik Douds

Adventure Filmmaker

South Orange, New Jersey, USA

“I use filmmaking to show audiences that people managing a chronic disease do belong in the outdoors.

“The bicycle also opens you up to the kindness of strangers, who through their own stories break down the barriers and assumptions we have about the world.

“I think the bike brings together unlikely allies. That kinship is a beautiful message needed on the world stage. Bikes tap into childhood joy. Films powered by our own two legs remind us all about the thrills of discovery, dealing with the unknown, and setting out without having all the answers. Cyclists are self-reliant while being community supported. Meeting that collection of support on the trail brings me joy.”

Why he’s excited to be on the jury

“I’m excited to find stories about personal growth and expanding representation in all senses through Filmed by Bike. Films that represent the everyday person using the bicycle in their own story – essential workers commuting to work, first-time riders finding joy in micro adventures, celebration of what makes us different seen on the screen.”


PEARL iZUMi – brand ambassador

Diabadass – diabetes education platform

Competitive Cyclist – content creator

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Kate Ellis

Cyclist and Photographer

Brevard, North Carolina

At age 7, Kate successfully taught herself how to ride a bike.

“I’ve been an enthusiast biker from an early age that’s still inside of me today. I love the fastness, speed, and challenge of its enduringness in biking. Sometimes, I enjoy taking an adventure with my bike and explore what’s around me.”

Kate also enjoys photography and creating short films. “I enjoy seeing films on how they can be presented in various ways to tell a story. I think that’s very powerful.”

Why she’s excited to be on the jury

“At this year’s festival, I hope to see films with diverse backgrounds both on and off the screen. I also hope to see stories that will give me a perspective that I never get the opportunity to experience.”