Every year Filmed by Bike receives hundreds of film submissions from filmmakers all over the world. Our panel of bike and film experts and enthusiasts is tasked with wading through the varied collection to determine which films make the cut and earn the title of World’s Best Bike Movies.

We are thrilled for this year’s notable jury!

Special thanks to NW Documentary for hosting our Jury Screening!

This Year’s Jury

Bethany Adams

Bike Culture Enthusiast

Bethany has long been involved with Filmed by Bike as an on-stage personality running our infamous Speed Raffle so it’s an honor to finally award her an esteemed seat on the Jury, where she can sit and relax for a change.

Bethany is affiliated with Gravity Girls, Sprockettes, Fun Hogs and C.H.U.N.K. 666 – all admirable bike culture groups in the region.

Though Bethany is already involved with the festival on an important volunteer level, she says she is excited to be on the jury to meet the fellow jurors and further deepen her involvement with Filmed by Bike.

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack:  Popcorn

“Filmed by Bike is eclectic, inclusive, inventive, international.”

Jennifer Hardacker

Filmmaker and Film Instructor

Jennifer is an enthusiastic road cyclist who makes short films. She has been an educator of film production and film studies for over 20 years and is currently on faculty at Pacific University.

Jennifer is excited to be on the jury because she knows firsthand the power of Filmed by Bike; she and her now-husband attended Filmed by Bike years ago as one of their first dates.

Jennifer says she is looking forward to seeing films with diverse representation of the cycling community and films from everyday cyclists.

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack:  NW IPAs.

“Filmed by Bike is a celebration of the passion folks have for all things cycling and that passion is infectious.”

Jacinta “J” Higgins

Oregon Market Shop Coordinator at REI

J is a 13 year bike mechanic veteran and a proud member of the women’s cycling team Team Nonstop. J’s also involved with the Portland chapter of the WTF Bike Explorer community that does weekly, inclusive and adventure-focused rides.

J is excited to be on the jury to get a first-hand look at how others choose to depict our shared passion for bikes and says it is an honor to have a voice in the process. “Every film portrays a different relationship between artist/cyclist and their individual story, and I am excited to both relate and have my worldview expanded.”

As a juror, J hopes to see more films created by women, people of color, and groups not typically represented in cycling culture, as well as films about the intersection of community and bikes/adventure.

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack: Sugary vegan treats.

“I love Filmed by Bike’s diversity in films and the ability to get a glimpse into other people’s worlds of adventure. Every year after Filmed by Bike I feel a rejuvenation and spark of motivation for my next expedition.”

Sommer Martin

Communications Manager, The Street Trust

Sommer is a member of the Public Relations Society of America, National Association of Black Journalists, NW Documentary (Filmed by Bike’s beneficiary) and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority – an organization dedicated to public service with an emphasis on programs that target the African American community.

Sommer says she is excited to be on the jury to learn more about Filmed by Bike and perhaps be inspired to find her own style of filmmaking. She hopes to see film submissions that are diverse.

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack:  My favorite movie-watching snack is Dorito nachos.

“I want to see Black and brown stories or at least stories that include some part of our perspective because we ride too!”


Sarah Bott

Airbnb Host and Bike Tour Leader

Sarah has a history of being involved in many aspects of what makes Portland the phenomenal city it is, from being a spokesperson for Mayor Vera Katz and communications officer for Portland Parks & Recreation and the Portland Water Bureau. These days she stays busy leading tours of Portland including hiking and biking tours, and organizes an eBike Meetup for The eBike Store.

Sarah says being on the Filmed by Bike jury is a prestigious honor and she’s excited to watch cool movies with other Portland bike enthusiasts!

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack: Ice cream – any kind will do!

“I love that Filmed by Bike is about real people doing cool things. I love the sense of community around Filmed by Bike.”

Evan Schafer

Post Production Artist

Evan is a freelance post production artist who works on commercials as an editor and colorist. He’s also a member of the Oregon Media Production Association, one of Filmed by Bike’s partner organizations.

As a freelancer, Evan has the opportunity to collaborate with different innovative people and agencies across a variety of projects.

Evan is excited to be on the jury to combine his love of bikes and bike culture with his profession in the film and video world. He is hoping to see films with interesting stories and even more interesting characters.

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack:  any kind of salty/sweet trail mix.

“I’m thrilled that Filmed by Bike is bringing bike related films to a larger audience so that they can share in the joy of simply turning pedals.”

Matt Ruddy

Educator in Writing, Literacy and Arts Development

Matt believes in making the outdoors accessible to communities that might not otherwise get the chance to explore due to location and cost. He is a chaperone for school students with the Chill Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to giving students from underserved communities the chance to learn to surf, skate and snowboard.

Matt is excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury because he’s an avid indie film fan, an mt. biker and an intermittent city commuter/cruiser. He’s looking forward to hearing the film observations of other jurors and learning from the process.

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack: Popcorn with brewers yeast.

“Filmed by Bike represents the idea of DIY and self sufficiency – technology, pedal power, and creativity means anyone can make something.”

Eric Aldinger

Mt. Bike Guide

Eric is a supporter of the Mountain Bike Oregon festival where he can usually be found wearing the bandanna of a Volunteer Trail Guide, but he has also worked as a vendor and Dream Team member. When racing, he wears a Team Finger jersey. When building trails he does it with 44 Trails, Hood River Area Trail Stewards, or Northwest Trail Alliance.

Eric says he’s excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury for the free movies and to be part of the passion of the event. He hopes to see film submissions that reflects the ability of the bicycle to transform pain into personal growth.

Favorite post-ride snack: Burger and shake at Stewart’s 58 in Oakridge.

“Filmed by Bike is an institution that humbles me. People pour themselves into producing the event as much as the creators of each submission.”