Festival Jury

Every year Filmed by Bike receives hundreds of film submissions from filmmakers all over the world. Our panel of bike and film experts and enthusiasts is tasked with wading through the varied collection to determine which films make the cut and earn the title of World’s Best Bike Movies.

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Meet The Jury

Maritza Arango


Social Justice Advocate, Community Projects & Content Creative, Bikes Lover, Arts Voyeur 


Maritza is an intersectional feminist, Latinx, neurodivergent, creative and activist that bikes in the city with a service dog. Maritza has a background managing programs within very diverse cultural and educational settings, with a strong action framework on Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion. 

“My work is driven by giving visibility to those folks with marginalized identities who – like myself – have always been told by society’s standards and prejudices that their existence is not welcome in public spaces. People of color, queer folks, all women, disabled humans and fat bodies (among many others) are missing a spotlight in the biking community. I will continue creating content and having uncomfortable conversations that point at toxic patriarchal practices and hope for more underrepresented communities and people to join.”

William (Will) Cortez


Cat Dad, Community Activator, Occasional Bike Racer, Professional Committee Member


BikePOCPNW, Friends of Gateway Green

Will has been plugged into issues surrounding micromobility and active transportation since ‘05, first through the Beaverton Bicycle Advisory Committee, then the Westside Transportation Alliance, through co-founding BikePOCPNW, and most recently Friends of Gateway Green.

Out of necessity, I started commuting by bike as a teenager almost 30 years ago. I took the plunge into mountain bike racing 16 years ago and haven’t looked back. These days, riding bikes has transformed into a tool for building community and a personal practice of somatic embodiment.”

What Will hopes to see this season

I’m here for the stories rooted in BIPOC joy. Joy is a form of resistance, it’s anti-capitalism at its core. We often tell stories of the fight against oppression and hate; the need to overcome what keeps us down. I’m here for it, don’t get me wrong. But we also need to see stories where historically excluded communities are riding bikes or using bikes that is born from joy.”

Tasha Tinagero


Documentarian, Athlete, Bike Advocate


Tasha Tinagero, Outride, Candlestick Courier, People for Bikes DEI Subcommittee

 Tasha is a documentarian, athlete, and dedicated advocate who believes bikes are one of the ultimate tools for community empowerment and personal joy. She has spent the last decade creating more accessible cycling spaces to all who desire to spin their wheels.Her work has ranged from hosting clinics for women/trans/femme/nonbinary racers for events such as Red Bull’s Mission Crit, coaching, former co-owner of Candlestick Courier, and has fundraised over six figures for cycling nonprofits. Presently, she serves as the Lead Creative and Marketing, Partnerships and Ambassadors Manager for Outride.

Tasha’s own time on the bike has ranged from zipping through the streets of San Francisco working as a bike messenger, to racing as far as Tokyo, Japan. She has raced for several teams including: King Kog, All-City Cycles, and Eclipse Racing. While her roots are in fixed gear cycling, she also enjoys mountain biking and gravel racing. Off the bike, you can find Tasha attached to a climbing harness in Joshua Tree.

View Her Recent Film Projects

High Road (Vimeo Brand storytelling Staff Pick of the Year)

Treadsetters (Premiers Spring 2023)

Andrew Perry


Cyclist, Courier, Educator



“Whether blasting down bumpy dirt descents with friends, racing alleycats, or working on the road all day as a courier– I have never felt more freedom than on a bike! I’m thankful for the joy and freedom I have found through bikes and the people I ride them with, and am looking forward to seeing films that showcase the various ways others experience joy through cycling.”

What Andrew hopes to see this season

“Last year, I specifically enjoyed watching films highlighting people of color’s experiences in the cycling world. I hope to see similar films this year, along with films spotlighting courier/messenger communities. I’m also a sucker for a good bikepacking flick! I’m honored and excited to be a part of the 2023 Film By Bike Jury.”

Lise Ferguson


Urban commuter, bikepacker, Urban Planning Student


Portland State University, Portland Design Works, BikeLoudPDX

Lise is an active transportation enthusiast who likes to see bikes being used by people of all ages and abilities as a tool for not only low-cost, clean transportation, but mental wellbeing. She is currently getting her master’s in urban and regional planning at PSU, and wants to use her education to add more bike infrastructure to Portland, to encourage more people to ride.

What Lise hopes to see this season

“I’m excited to hang out with a bunch of other bike nerds and watch and discuss movies together! I hope to see some films about bikepacking, which is something that I really enjoy and want to learn more about.”

Deb Banks


Bike Advocate, Bike Collector, Event organizer


Rivet Cycle Works, Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates, Randonneurs, USA, @rivetress

As a randonneuse and after completing Paris Brest Paris, Deb launched Rivet Cycle Works, a small bicycle company creating a modern take on the leather saddle. These saddles are for anyone who wants to “go their distance,” whether that’s around the block or around the world. After a car vs bike crash resulting in a severely shattered ankle, Deb turned her attention to advocacy. She currently leads the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates, striving to make the Sacramento region a safer city for people to easily ride their bikes.

“I believe that bicycles can change the world. Bikes bring people together, can help save our air quality and are great to ride alone or with friends. Bikes bring joy! In my spare time, I am outdoors, cycling or hosting randonneuring events in the Davis/Sacramento region. It’s not a stretch to say that I am immersed in ‘all things bicycle’ and I’m thrilled to be a part of the festival as a juror, to be inspired by the places they take me when viewing, and to appreciate the art of making the set of 2023’s entries.”

Joe Jatcko


Local Filmmaker, Bike Guy


Lake Productions, @joejatcko, @lakepropdx, @westofcenterprod

Joe is a writer, director, and producer for Lake Productions, a Portland-based indie production company. When not making movies (or, more often, watching them), Joe is usually out on the streets of Portland or looping round Mt. Tabor on his bike, often getting comically wet in the process.

“Bikes and filmmaking are basically my two favorite things in the world, so I couldn’t be more thrilled to be serving on this year’s jury. I’m a big fan of this terrific fest and excited to see the creative ideas people come up with!”

Rich Baker


Community Bike Guy, Ride Leader


Foster Night Ride, Timberwolves PDX, Bikes for Humanity

Rich is the leader of the Foster Night Ride, a bi-weekly bike ride every other Tuesday that has been going on for five years now. The SLVS (Sith Lord Vader Squadron)’s Portland chapter is known as the Timberwolves and focuses on recovering stolen bikes in the community.  Bikes For Humanity is a local, community-sourced bike repair learning center and bike shop.