Festival Jury

Every year Filmed by Bike receives hundreds of film submissions from filmmakers all over the world. Our panel of bike and film experts and enthusiasts is tasked with wading through the varied collection to determine which films make the cut and earn the title of World’s Best Bike Movies.

Nominate Someone for the 2023 Jury

This could be you, or someone else! We are in search of bike and film enthusiasts who are excited to join us for a weekend of film review and excellent snacks.

How it works

  • Filmed by Bike curates an event for jurors to gather together and watch submissions
  • Jurors grade the films and discuss
  • There are two in-person sessions in late January or early February
  • Jurors are eligible to submit their films to the festival (Deadline is January 20)

Questions? Contact Melina, Films Manager


Meet Last Year’s Jury

Nikki Margarita

Cyclist, Portrait Photographer, Community Organizer

“On my bike I don’t have to take myself too seriously, and just have fun.  When there are moments I want to film when riding, they are usually because it’s either beautiful, meaningful or silly. Bikes and films kind of get me out of my head and just be present to what’s happening in front of me.”

“I love good storytelling! I want to see stories I can relate to, mostly because I don’t see it very often, as well as being immersed in something totally unique. I hope to see a perspective that not a lot of people get to see in the spotlight.”

Why Nikki is excited to be on the Jury

“The joy of being on the Filmed by Bike Jury is the excitement of community building. I look forward to the challenges of sharing my particular thoughts in tandem with collaborating with other folks on the jury. 


BikePOC PNW, Chingonas Outside, Friends on Bikes

Jeremy Gomez

Local Bike Shredder

Jeremy is excited to be a part of the Filmed by Bike Jury this season because he loves bike films and likes to see all the different styles of biking and people in the community.

“I hope to see films with people of color, cyclocross, MTB, bike packing, people having fun and enjoying the liberty & freedom of cycling. Also some alley cat and fixed gear videos!”


Boltcutter, Smoothjazzlines, BiciclistaUs, Broken & Coastal

Taylor (Tay) Snider

Bicycle Enthusiast, Multi-Disciplinary Coach, Graphic Designer

“Through bikes, I have a means to fuel my athleticism, my need for social connections, my desire to be in nature or outdoors, along with the necessity of getting from point A to point B.”

“What I love about bikes is their ability to make me feel more connected to people and places. I love the vast diversity of all types of people being able to do a similar activity, and how each person can connect with that similar activity in different ways, or disciplines on all types of machines that fall under the umbrella term of “bikes.” As for the place connections, I am so very grateful to bikes for helping me to be fully immersed in an area, whether it be in nature far away from civilization, a new city with new sights and smells, or the city I currently call home with familiar but always evolving pieces to it.”

 Why Tay is excited to be on the jury

“Film has an incredible way of telling great stories while transporting us to new places all over the world we share. I am excited to be on the jury and be able to fully appreciate all of the work & craft that goes into making these films. I am particularly hopeful to feel fully engrossed in stories from all types of representations to catch a glimpse of things I’ve never thought of before.”


Breadwinner Cycles Cyclocross Team, Dirt Series

William Hsu

Urban Commuter and Bike Tinkerer

I’m an urban rider who believes that bicycles should be a primary form of transportation for health and environmental reasons. 

“I like to see the geographic differences of biking in one city or another.  Living in Portland, we are already spoiled with the existing bike infrastructure the city and advocates offer.  People bike all over the world and most bike in places that are not as bike friendly.  It’s great to see the conviction some people have in biking in places that are not as bike-welcoming and makes me appreciate what I have in this city.”

What kinds of films William hopes to see this year

“I think I would love to see the diversity of cultures, regions and socioeconomics represented in bike films.  I think personally, in some of the bike circles I interact with, bicycling can become very consumeristic (I’m guilty of that too) and it would be wonderful to see that people rely on the bikes they have or bikes that have been passed down, and to be put to good everyday transit use.”


Pedalpalooza PDX

Ruandy Albisure

Cyclist, Photographer, Videographer

Ruandy is hoping to see films that promote positivity and encourage new riders to get into the cycling scene. He works with Grow Cycling Foundation to help diversify the cycling world and encourage more BIPOC folks to get outside and ride bikes. 

“Bikes have brought me a lot of joy. From the friends I’ve made on my cycling journey, all the extra time I have been able to spend with my kids thanks to mountain biking and all the places I have been able to visit and ride in as well. Films have always been a big part of my life and the stories they are able to convey to audiences and the lessons they can show us are the best.”


Northwest Trail Alliance, Grow Cycling Foundation

Jeffrey Sundin


“I’ve lived in Portland my whole life, spent some time making short films, and worked technical roles at film festivals in the past, but I’ve never had the opportunity to help influence a festival’s content like this. I’m looking forward to having my voice heard in a new way!

“I love the way bikes and film help you see the world through perspectives you wouldn’t otherwise get. It seems like there’s a lot to explore in the intersection of those two forms.”

What kinds of films Jeffrey hopes to see this year

“I hope to see films that challenge traditional narrative and aesthetic forms. Streaming services are great at getting you into a rut of films that all look, sound, and move the same. I’m excited for an opportunity to both see and help champion work from underrepresented voices in the industry.”

Kevin Koch

Photographer, Mountain Biker, Electrical Designer

Kevin has been volunteering for FIlmed by Bike for quite a few years now. “I love the film festival and everything related to it!” He particularly loves adventure films, as well as bike touring and camping films. 

“I love the adrenaline rush and freedom that comes with riding bikes, and I love the fact that the films really get me excited to ride and travel.”

Margaret Klement

Visual Artist, Cyclist

Margaret is a local visual artist and cyclist who also volunteers at the NW Film Center.  She loves film because it offers new perspectives and access to places you wouldn’t normally see on a daily basis. “Bikes are great for their opportunities for new perspectives on the world. Things look different on a bike than they do from a car or on foot.”

Margaret says she’s excited to be on the jury because “I like film, I like bikes, I like giving my opinion.”