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Greatest Bike Movies of All Time!

Get ready for a wild night of the incredible independent bike movies.

  • Award winning films
  • Crowd favorites
  • Archival bike party footage
  • Rare gems
  • Films from the inaugural Filmed by Bike 2003 (extracted from VHS tape)
  • The raw, gritty, creative early bike scene

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This program was originally shown live at Cinema 21 in Portland, Oregon – and now it’s available for streaming worldwide.

The Filmed by Bike Bike festival is up for sale and entering new ownership. Don’t miss the chance to see this final show curated by Founder + Festival Director Ayleen Crotty.

Filmed by Bike has been a bike culture institution for the past 21 years, showing incredible bicycle movies by independent filmmakers from all over the world while supporting bike organizations and programs all over the USA (and beyond)