For Sale


As of September 9, 2023, the Filmed by Bike film festival is for sale.

For more information, please contact
Chantal Angot
Associate Broker
Vacher Group, LLC


The Sale Backstory

“Filmed by Bike has been an artistic and advocacy dream come true. The impact we’ve made on communities around the world has lasting effect. The joy and inclusivity we’ve been able to bring to the bicycle industry and culture is monumental.

“As much as Filmed by Bike created a movement, we also created an impressive tool that has so much more life left in it. I look forward to seeing what the new owner does next with the festival as Filmed by Bike enters another chapter.”

– Festival Founder Ayleen Crotty

After 21 years of festival operations, Festival Founder + Director Ayleen Crotty is passing the torch so she can focus on additional creative interests.

Filmed by Bike was founded in 2003 by Ayleen, an accomplished artist and bicycle advocate. What began as a film festival for the Portland cycling community quickly catapulted into a beloved Portland institution that now travels the globe.

The Filmed by Bike tour program is licensed by 20-50 locations every year. Hosting entities organize these bike movie nights as fundraisers, to bolster their cycling communities and to inspire people to ride bikes. There is boundless potential to grow this facet of the festival.

This festival is a powerful and inclusive tool for vibrant change. It is a movement on the rise.