Support Black, Indigenous and all People of Color in telling their bicycle stories

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Black, Indigenous and People of Color have often been left out of conversations about biking. As a film festival with 18 years of experience seeking unique bicycle stories, we have a long history of searching for films by BIPoC filmmakers. We know first hand how few of these films exist.

We’re working to change that! Funding is a major barrier to filmmaking, which is why we’ve created this fund to award generous grants to emerging filmmakers.

With your support, we can award grants to more filmmakers, and help bring important stories and voices to the screen.

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We award grants every year. Your crowdfunding contribution will determine how many grants we can award this year. 2020 is our first year and we are committed to awarding at least two grants of $1,500 each. With your support, we can do more.

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