The Golden Helmet Award, presented by Travel Oregon, recognizes the independent filmmaker who courageously combines an original concept, a unique use of cinematography and a creative view of bicycling life and/or bike culture. This award was created by Filmed by Bike to honor the top film of the festival. Nominated films will be designated during the festival. The winner will be announced on closing night.


This award recognizes the film that best meets the following criteria:

  • A fresh, innovative original concept
  • A unique use of cinematography
  • A creative view of bicycling life/culture that has style and originality
  • Beautifully executed project


The winner will receive a trophy and $300 cash prize courtesy of Filmed by Bike. The two honorable mentions will receive generous gift packs.


The best Filmed by Bike submissions have excellent soundtracks. That’s why we’re proud to bring you the Independent Music Award, presented by Radio Room. Use independent, licensed music in your piece and you’ll be entered into the competition. The jury will select their favorite film and the winner will receive a $250 cash prize, presented at the Awards Ceremony on closing night. The jury will be screening for songs that provide an awesome soundtrack for your movie. It doesn’t matter how many different songs you use, but everything in your movie has to be licensed (permission granted to you for the use of the music for your movie or Creative Commons with the appropriate credit) to be eligible for the award. And maybe the song’s not the best in the world but the way you use it rocks; we think that’s fair game.


  • The music or sound designs used in your film is your own.
  • (Or) The music in your film was made for your use with permission
  • (Or) The music used in your film is license by and you’ve given the appropriate credit.
  • (Or) You licensed the music in your film for this specific use and can provide documentation if requested
  • In order to be entered, you must check the Independent Music Award box on the submission form.


Brompton folding bicycles believes that you deserve to have your say. That’s why they’re proud to sponsor the Audience Choice Award. Vote for your favorite Filmed by Bike movie. There are more than 45 movies playing at Filmed by Bike so we encourage you to purchase a festival pass and watch them all. At the end of the festival, come back here to vote on your favorite. We will announce the winner here and on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.


The winner will receive a $100 cash prize.