DEADLINE: 1/20/2015

CONTACT [email protected]

We also encourage you to submit an entry to the I Love Bikes video time capsule.

Selected films will be screened at the festival in Portland, Oregon. Submissions are restricted to 10 minutes or less. We accept a limited number of movies that are longer, so if you think your piece has what it takes to make it past our Jury, please submit your film. Bear in mind that Filmed by Bike is world-renowned for being a film festival of very short bike movies. Shorter is sweeter.

Our esteemed jury of film and bike enthusiasts will preview submissions and make the final selections. They will choose approximately 35 movies for the final program.


  1. Complete a submission form (digitally or on paper) [here].
  2. Mail your submission form and $10 fee (scholarships are available,please inquire.)
  3. Be prepared to create a “final theater version” if your film is selected.
  4. You may include your “theater version” (Mov or .MP4 file on disc – H264 encoded) in the same package as your submission form.


  • Length: 10 minutes or under recommended (we specialize in shorts, but show a limited number of longer pieces).
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9. That means your movies going to look great at 16:9 and only okay at anything else.
  • Music details:We encourage the use of independent music for which you have obtained licensing rights and you are eligible for the generous GoIndependent! Award if you have the right to use the music in your movie.


  • Edit tightly
  • Shorter is better: we like shorties
  • You don’t have to ride your bike while you film
  • Remember you have an international audience
  • Check out our GoIndependent! Award details and use independent music.
  • Tightly edited pieces have a much better chance of being accepted.


JURY VERSION – Copy for the jury to review.
The jury will not review any movies with technical difficulties. It is okay to bribe the jury.

THEATER VERSION – Will be shown in the theater with surround sound.
.Mov or .MP4 file on disc (H264 encoded) to sent with a file transfer service.
16:9 format and good sound quality.
If accepted into the festival, you will have a few weeks to get this version together, but we recommend you submit your “theater version” at the same time as your “jury version” submission because it’s easier for everyone involved and less stressful for you.


One fee per filmmaker, not per film. Submission fees may be paid by check (made out to Filmed by Bike), cash or PayPal. A generous number of grants are available that will waive the entry fee. Contact us for more info.

Payment may be made through Paypal to [email protected] using the SEND MONEY option or via check/money order made out to Filmed by Bike.


For submission information, please contact us via email or call +001 (971) 221-7228.