Final Format Details

In order to have a festival-quality version of your video, we need you to send in a final copy.

** FILMMAKERS ONLY (not sponsors): Your final piece is due March 1st **


Quicktime format (.mov files) or MP4
1920×1080 frame dimensions preferred. (Definitely not below 720×480) LARGER, OR NATIVE IS FINE
H.264 codec or very similar
Greater than 20mbps, native bit-rate preferred
2.0 stereo (Preferred. Unless you’re doing surround sound)
2 seconds of black at the beginning of film
Consider removing brands/logos – consistently, films which win our Audience Choice Award (Cash Prize) have little to no branding displayed at the beginning or end of the piece. (brands/logos within the film itself is fine)


* Vimeo post in correct format set to be a downloadable file
* File transfer service such as YouSendIt or Dropbox
* File hosted on your server that we can download
* We cannot accept a link to a YouTube video as your final format (but it is fine for the Jury Preview).

Send your file to

As a last resort, you may also mail us a data disc (not authored DVD) with your file, but this option is not ideal.


If you have further questions, contact our submissions coordinator: