Meet the 2014 Jury. These ten esteemed notables are tasked with reviewing film submissions to select the final programs.

And yes, bribes are accepted. In fact, it’s a time-honored Filmed by Bike tradition for filmmakers to bribe the jury with chocolates, liquor and other treats to sustain them while they watch endless hours of bike movies.


Will Vanlue

Communications Director, Bicycle Transportation Alliance

Photography and short films have played a big role in Will’s adult life, moving him from simply getting around on a bicycle to falling in love with the beautiful simplicity of riding. “Every time I’ve attended Filmed By Bike I’ve been impressed by the films. I’m honored and excited by the challenge to help curate a collection of films to inspire everyone who come out for Filmed By Bike in 2014,” he says.

Who Knew? “I’m really proud to have grown up in Eugene. I don’t get to talk about my love of that city nearly often enough. It’s one of my favorite places to ride a bike of anywhere I’ve ridden in North America. The trail network around the Willamette River, the connectivity around the University of Oregon, and recent improvements around the Eugene/Springfield border are all interesting examples of how a city can make bicycling a pleasant and practical option for getting around.”

Favorite Food Cart: DV Vegetarian on SW 3rd “Their Philly Cheesesteak is my Everest. One day I will conquer an entire one in a single sitting…maybe.”


Lilah Cady

Freelance Producer for Film and Video

Lilah is a crafty and resourceful aunt extraordinaire who loves chips and salsa and is a master of making creative ideas come to life. Lilah is wrapping up a two-year stint at NW Documentary where she helped Filmed by Bike form a partnership with the organization. Lilah was a key crew member of “Bare As You Dare,” the World Naked Bike Ride documentary.

Lilah says she’s excited to be on the jury so she can see the behind the scenes of Filmed by Bike and help make this year’s festival a success. She’s got the film aspect down pat, but the bike part is somewhat new to Lilah. “When I was a kid I was always way too busy watching Mork & Mindy reruns and movie after movie after movie to even think about going outside and riding a bike,” she explains. “So I didn’t learn to ride until I was 25! I’m still working on mastering life on two wheels, but now you can find me riding all over town on my bike in my free time. It’s a refurbished 8-speed, and I call the color “mermaid’s tears.”

Who Knew? Lilah once set a Guinness World Record by organizing the world’s largest human wheelbarrow race.

Favorite food cart: Native Bowl on Mississippi Ave


Phillip Ross

Co-Owner of Metrofiets bicycle company

Like many of our jurors, Phillip is excited to be on the jury to have the esteemed honor of seeing all the submissions, even the dirty dogs that won’t make the cut.

In his free time, Phillip is a beer brewing, bike riding family chilling dude.

Who Knew? Phil is also involved in the Pedal Powered Talk Show, which is entering its third season. Watch an episode to see Phillip pedaling the bike that carries the host of the show.

Favorite food cart area: The pod outside of Prost on Mississippi.


George Schenk

Event Wrangler and Beer Dude at Velo Cult Bike Shop & Tavern

Pop into Velo Cult Bike Shop & Tavern in Portland’s Hollywood District most days of the week and you’ll find George behind the bar slinging a carefully crafted selection of beers and brewing pour-over coffees.

George says “Having dodged official jury duty for years, I’m excited to fulfill my civic duty watching a moving canvas of all things bike!” and he’ll be right at home as Filmed by Bike Jury Duty takes place in Velo Cult’s clandestine basement theater.

Who Knew? George may come off as a softie, but really he’s tough as nails: “As Founder & Lifetime Member, you should know that my brothers & sisters of the Roughneck Kitty Klub don’t like to be messed with.”

Favorite food cart: PDX 671 at the Rose City Food Carts. “Guamanian food!! Chicken kelaguen with red rice please!!!!”


Jude Gerace

Owner of Sugar Wheel Works

Jude has made a name for herself in the bike world as a master wheel builder. She’s excited to be on the jury for the trifecta of snacks, good people and Filmed by Bike all coming together. We’re fairly certain she won’t be disappointed in those snacks.

Who knew? Early on in her company’s existence, Jude was forced to chance her company name from Epic Wheel Works thanks to the power of another company with a similarly named product, but most people agree the imposed change resulted in a much sweeter name.

Favorite food cart: Native Bowl


Maria Schur

Marketing Coordinator at Western Bikeworks

Maria Schur’s entire life is wrapped up in bikes. She is the treasurer of Portland Society, a networking group for biking women, has helped plan the Portland Tweed Ride, rides with Velodirt and creates bike friendly products like compact seating cushions, decorated reflective mud flaps and more.

Who knew? In addition to kindhearted talents like making people smile and laugh, Maria also prides herself making people push themselves harder on a bike.

Favorite food cart: The falafel booth at SW 5th & Oak


Brock Dittus

Host of the Sprocket Podcast

Brock is a master of sharing his ideas and opinions on all things bicycle as a host on the Sprocket Podcast, but in terms of being on the Filmed by Bike Jury, he’s looking forward to hearing what the other jurors have to say and what they find interesting on screen.

“I’ve been a huge fan of filmed by bike since I learned about it, and consider it to be the cream of Portland’s bike fun crop,“ he says. “I look forward to this a/v celebration of bicycle culture every year, and I’m honored by the chance to help select this year’s top films!”

Who knew? Brock drives a school bus for the Portland Public School District, transporting students with special needs. “I like this job because it keeps me in touch with people who have disabilities, which is not always our society’s highest priority – I think it gives me an enhanced perspective on the world around me.”

Favorite food cart: Cackalacks Hot Chicken Shack on Belmont


Emily Finch

Wrangler of a six biking kids

As the wrangler of six energetic kids in an impressive car-free household, Emily says she is perhaps most looking forward to being on the Filmed by Bike Jury because the “ jury duty is held during the dinner hour, and that’s a very traumatic time for me.”

Emily is excited to see the films before the general public, and to be able to brag to her friends. “I can brag about it and annoy people. Haters gonna hate,” she further explains.

Who Knew? Ditching her car and going car free with such a large family has led to enjoy notoriety to land Emily a spot on the The Ricki Lake Show.

Favorite Food Cart: Potato Champion

Photo credit: BikePortland


Jason LaPier

Software Engineer, Elemental Technologies

Jason has a strong love for independent film and bikes. “We live in an age where the technology for filmmaking has become so accessible and more and more people can realize their creative vision,” Jason says. “I’m looking forward to helping select the most artistic, entertaining, thought-provoking and fun films for the enjoyment of the Filmed By Bike audience.”

We like the creative diversity Jason brings to the Filmed by Bike Jury: “I’ve played guitar in a metal band, spun records as a techno DJ, done some game development and for the last few years I’ve been writing fiction, including a pile of short stories, a self-published novel and another unpublished novel that is in the works.”

Who Knew? Jason organizes a monthly meetup called PDXCloud for technology professionals who work with cloud computing. He also volunteers with Adoption Mosaic, an organization that brings support and resources to all members of the adoption community.

Favorite food cart: Koi Fusion


Guthrie Straw

Bicycle Mechanic and Tour Guide

When he’s not busy taking tour groups around Portland by bicycle with Cycle Portland, Guthrie chronicles his bike adventures through photo and video on his website PinchFlatFortune.com. He also plays a Ukelele (maybe he’ll serenade us at Jury Duty), drinking microbrews (we do a lot of that at Jury Duty) and rescuing kittens (who knows what lurks in the alleys around VeloCult).

Who Knew? Guthrie prides himself his skills of unicycling in drag and growing socially questionable facial hair.

Favorite food cart: Just Thai in downtown Portland