Accepted Films 2019

Andi Lipo + Jeremy Hartman Dir/DP/Producer, Addison Turner – Producer, Eastern Blocc in partnership with 508 Bike Life 508 The Take Over Mini Documentary Sunday 5:30PM Triumph
Benjamin Johnson Admissions of an Amateur Bikepacker Saturday 8PM Adventure
4Play Media And Communication LLP Bawli Booch Friday 9PM Friday B
4Play Media And Communication LLP Beyond Khardung La Sunday 5:30PM Triumph
Jean-Luc Luna Bike Are Better PSA Sunday 7:30PM Oregon Vibes
Martin Le Breton + Bicycle Junction Bike Rave Wellington Friday 9PM Friday B
Conor Cronin & Ronan Gallagher Bikes Up Knives Down Friday 7PM Friday A
Matt Sezer Bill Meier’s Last Ride Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Lee Hart + Aly Nicklas Blue Saturday 8PM Adventure
Zane Simon Blue Dreams Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Harrison Mendel Casey Brown – This Is Home Saturday 8PM Adventure
Gritchelle Fallesgon Friends on BIkes Friday 9PM Friday B
A Film by Tyler-Wilkinson Ray, Colin Arisman and Luke Kantola Produced by Wild Confluence Media and The Wilder Studio Chasing Wild – Journey Into The Sacred Headwaters Saturday 8PM Adventure
Bournemouth BFI Film Academy Cycle Lane Saturday 6PM Bike Love
First Tracks Productions Daniel Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Patrick Mallet Dear Gina (A Love Letter to My Old Bike) Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Mannyi Marquez Dirty Sellwood: You’re Never Gonna Make It Sunday 7:30PM Oregon Vibes
Zephyr Sheedy – Director . Will Barker – DP and Editor Don’t Forget Your Bike Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Galen Crout eBikes and Beer — Belgian Beer with the GSD Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Steve Riddle Eight Year Old Theo’s First Backflip to Dirt Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Sam Needham and William Evans Elements Friday 7PM Friday A
MEC Escape Friday 7PM Friday A
Starring: Frank Lukas, Director & DOP: Pete Schilling, Editors: Niklas Hill, Pete Schilling, Projections: Joel Rieger, VFX: Tim Hunkemöller, Sounddesign: Moritz Staub, Color Grading: Duy Vinh Vu, Title Animation: Paul Muders Frank Lukas – Lines Friday 9PM Friday B
Isaac and Jacob Seigel-Boettner – Pedal Born Pictures Go Help Friday 7PM Friday A
Isaac and Jacob Seigel-Boettner – Pedal Born Pictures Go Learn Sunday 5:30PM Triumph
Ilima Considine Home Sweet Home Sunday 7:30PM Oregon Vibes
Todd Looby Hometown Hero Sunday 7:30PM Oregon Vibes
Salsa Cycles I Ride For Her Friday 9PM Friday B
Rugile Kaladyte I’m Not Stopping – Lael Wilcox Races the Navad 1000 Across Switzerland Friday 9PM Friday B
JJ Anderson Jonah Friday 9PM Friday B
Director: Danny Baarz DOP: Jan Borman Make-up: Cisel Actor: Norio Takasugi Photo: Christoph Riccius Keirin – The Champ Friday 9PM Friday B
Marco Rimondi L’Eroica 2018 – Official video Friday 9PM Friday B
Yusuf Kapadia Mamadou Warma: Deliveryman Sunday 5:30PM Triumph
Matteo Palmas Man On Bike Sunday 5:30PM Triumph
Daniel Bruson Me, By J-Money Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Keenan DesPlanques and Ben Weaver Music for Free Saturday 8PM Adventure
Mathieu Stevens Nooit Naar Nergens Friday 7PM Friday A
Trevor Dixon Bennett – Kingtide Films NYC Slice Century Friday 7PM Friday A
OCURENS production and Germain Robin OCTA Friday 9PM Friday B
Travis Wood One Peg Boss Friday 9PM Friday B
El Flamingo Outlaw Diaries III – Wild Wild East Saturday 8PM Adventure
Scott Hardesty and Hera van Willick PEDAL Saturday 8PM Adventure
Brandon Watts Perspectives // India Friday 7PM Friday A
Gregory Gan, Mark Huggan Phantom Couriers: Ghost in the Machine Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Chris Baker Evens PMA Bike Ride Friday 7PM Friday A
Claudia Hinterseer Pulling Rickshaw in a Man’s World Sunday 5:30PM Triumph
Nick Czerula Richard Sachs – bicycle maker Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Katrina Brown Riding Through the Dark Sunday 5:30PM Triumph
David Bowman Riding With Mike Friday 9PM Friday B
Chris Yang Roysb-Night Wheelie Friday 9PM Friday B
Anthony Haughey, Gallery of Photography Ireland & Monaghan County Council Arts Office Sanctuary Sunday 5:30PM Triumph
Andy Chandler Sandy Blvd: The Movie (Trailer)-Legacy 2013 Sunday 7:30PM Oregon Vibes
Rikard Nilsson and Helge Olsén Sequence 01 Friday 9PM Friday B
Deann Garcia Siempre Montamos Friday 7PM Friday A
Drew Coleman State of Cyclocross Sunday 7:30PM Oregon Vibes
Xavier Medina Tall Bike Builder: Avenues of Expression: Street Traditions in Miami Friday 9PM Friday B
Isabella Spadone The Bicycle Bees Friday 7PM Friday A
The Boardman Review The Boardman Review & The Leelanau Conservancy Saturday 8PM Adventure
Liam Mullany, Stephen Matthews The Long Way Saturday 8PM Adventure
Peter Gerard The Point of a Ride Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Rapha & Robbrecht Desmet The Ride of a Thousand Cols Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Christine Rucker The Road Most Traveled Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Clarence Eckerson/Streetfilms The Women’s Ride on Queens Boulevard Takes Aim at NYC’s Cycling Gender Gap Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Mary Catherine Greenawalt This is When We Met Saturday 6PM Bike Love
Alec Lugo, Addison Woodside, Anthony Hinkson, Isabel Burbeck, Patrick Lagier Thrive Cycling Sunday 7:30PM Oregon Vibes
Jay Ritchey & Cass Gilbert Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route Saturday 8PM Adventure
Martin Borden Upsetting the Apple Cart: Building the Weaving Wagon Sunday 5:30PM Triumph
Nick Czerula Veldrijder – Rebecca Fahringer Friday 7PM Friday A
Voctronica and 42fps Voctronica – Bicycle Race Friday 9PM Friday B
Josh Rowe Vuka Songezo Friday 9PM Friday B
The Libbey Brothers, Christopher Robbins and John Del Signore Why Are You Honking Friday 9PM Friday B
Cycle Oregon / Clark Leland – Cascadiom Media A Natural Wonder Worth Preserving Sunday 7:30PM Oregon Vibes
Katrina Brown Woman Up! Friday 7PM Friday A
Stay Wild Magazine, Alin Dragulin World Naked Bike Ride Sunday 7:30PM Oregon Vibes