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Handy tips for Emerging Filmmakers


Shooting from the Saddle

Being on a bike affords a smooth view and a unique perspective, but riding and shooting takes practice. covers this topic nicely in an article by Hannah Maia.

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Bike Travel Stories

So you went on an epic adventure. It meant a lot to you. Now how do you share that magic with others? Adventure Cycling shares short tips from Karin Turner of the Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival.

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A selection of resources helpful for emerging and more established filmmakers.




A compilation of funding sources, professional organizations, and more to help African-American filmmakers succeed.

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Sundance Film Festival offers a wide variety of resources, from distribution to cultural principals.

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The Hollywood Bridge Fund connects below-the-line filmmakers with job opportunities, mentors, and professional development programs.

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A series of podcasts geared toward emerging filmmakers and providing helpful tools from experts well versed in the topics.




Filmmaking Conversations with Damien Swaby reaches out to the next generation of filmmakers, who continue to look for inspiration and guidance.


Show Don’t Tell: Micro-Budget Filmmaking shares valuable insight into the world of micro-budget filmmaking, geared towards true DIY filmmakers looking to get out there and create their own films.


The No Film School Podcast is a SXSW collab.


Indie Film Hustle covers “stuff they don’t teach you in film school”.


The National Film Festival for Talented Youth is the world’s largest for filmmakers age 24 and younger. In this podcast, they spotlight their featured filmmakers with weekly interviews on their process.




From 3 minute shorties to 17 minute in-depth lessons, these varied videos are good to watch!