Can Safety be Sexy?

Unfortunately, safety is on our minds a lot lately here in Portland. Two cyclists were recently killed when struck by a motorist making a right turn. A third was seriously injured. I’m more nervous when riding at night – I feel more vulnerable than ever. But at the same time, there is strength in numbers. Two different major studies have shown that the number of motorist-bike accidents goes down significantly when the number of bikers on the road increases. That means keep riding. Keep riding.

No one wants to be told what to do and safety shit has never been cool. But this is the Modern Age, with beats, technology and innovation at our fingertips.Fads and styles change by the minute. YouTube makes unlikely people worldwide stars (Chocolate Rain, Turtle Boy…). Can safety be sexy? Can you make a kick ass safety movie in under 8 minutes? The jury (TBD) and I look forward to seeing your attempt.