Filmed by Bike Virtual Ticket FAQ

Thank you for purchasing tickets to a Filmed by Bike virtual event!

How to Watch

  • You may watch live (recommended) or any time later.
  • All show times are Pacific Time.
  • When you purchased tickets, a confirmation email was sent to the address you used to purchase tickets. This confirmation email contains the show link.
  • All shows are on YouTube. You will need to be logged in to YouTube to watch. YouTube is connected to Google, so you will need a Google Account – which is free – to be logged in. More info is here.
  • Your link is private – you can’t search YouTube to find the show.

Set a Reminder

Visit the YouTube link at any time and click the reminder bell to have YouTube send you an alert when the show is live.

About your Ticket Confirmation

If you didn’t see the confirmation come through, it’s either because your email program filtered it out or you entered the wrong email address. Thoroughly check your spam and trash first, and please contact Mary if you still can’t find it.

If you use Yahoo, it’s very likely Yahoo filtered it somewhere strange and unfortunately we have no control over that.

Join the Chat

  • The chat window is where everyone hangs out and talks during the show! SO FUN!
  • The chat window is best viewed on a computer, not in full screen. Some people prefer to watch in full screen mode and have the chat window open a separate device.
  • If you’re watching on your TV, we suggest you have a separate device open to follow the chat.
  • Everyone is welcome to join the chat! Special guests, filmmaker and our festival team will be there to offer additional insight into the films and all of our events.
  • The chat may not be available if you are watching after the livestream has ended.

Raffle Details

  • If you purchased raffle tickets for the annual film festival, see the confirmation in your email for all the details.
  • If you didn’t purchase raffle tickets, re-visit the Annual Festival Page and purchase tickets there.

Raffle Info

Additional Info

If your question was not answered here, please email Mary at