Filmmaker Q+A Sessions

Every year we invite filmmakers on stage to discuss their movies. This amazing opportunity to meet the masterminds behind some of your favorite bike movies is a powerful moment in the theater.

Filmmaker Q+A sessions take place immediate following the showings and usually last about 20 minutes, depending on how robust the conversation is. Come prepared with questions – the filmmakers love to discuss their work.

The sessions are free, but you will need a movie ticket to get into the theater.

In 2012 to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we featured two sessions of panels made up entirely of filmmakers from out of town.

2013 PANEL

Sunday, April 21, 5pm
Following the Triumph Program of Shorts >>

  • Russ Roca – What is Bicycle Travel
  • Cobi Rush – I Dream of Biking
  • Brynden McNew – Mick

Sunday, April 21, 7pm
Following the Bicycle Dreams program >>

  • Ian McCluskey – Bare As You Dare
  • Andy Chandler – Sandy Blvd
  • McSlappy – I’m in Oakland and I’m Riding My Bike


Special thanks to Meghan Sinnott for moderating and organizing our Filmmaker Q+A Series.

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