Filmmaker Resources

Dedicated Contact For Filmmakers

Melina Coumas, Films Manager
(808) 389-5275

Your Free Ticket

Every filmmaker is eligible for one free ticket to the program that contains their film.

1 ticket per film. We will send your coupon code by May 1st. If you do not receive your code, try using your email address as your code. If that does not work, please contact us.

Festival Basics

Filmmaker Interviews: May 16-20, 2021
Contact Festival Director Ayleen Crotty if you’d like to be a part of an online interview leading up to the festival.

Festival  Dates: May 20-23, 2021
A series of YouTube Livestream Events
Festival Schedule

Check Your Email

You will receive periodic updates from Filmed by Bike via email ( /, so please be on the lookout for our messages.

Announce Your Acceptance – Social Media Kit

We’ve made it easy for you to announce your acceptance with our handy Social Media Toolkit.

You can also send us 15 second Instagram posts or story film teasers and we’ll share them.
Social Media Toolkit

Finds Your Film’s Program

While the festival usually shows at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, Oregon, it will be held online this year due to Covid-19 precautions.¬† See the Accepted Films List to know what program you’re in.
Accepted Films List

A select few films are chosen to enter our Tour Program that brings Filmed by Bike movie collections all over the world to strengthen bike cultures. We will announce the Tour Program in October.



Download the Laurels Pack

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Important Next Steps

Your film has been accepted to Filmed by Bike, but we need you to complete these steps in order to be included in the festival.

  • Send in the final digital format of your film by May 1st.
  • Send us the highest quality version you have.
  • If your film is on Vimeo, set it to be downloadable and notify us – we’ll download it. If it’s already downloadable, you’re all set.
  • If your film is hosted on YouTube, you’re all set, we’ll download the highest quality available unless you’d prefer to send a better version before the deadline.
  • If you need to make modifications to your film, that’s okay. However, if the resulting film is longer, we will be unable to show your film as we are currently at maximum capacity.

Host Filmed by Bike!

Want to see Filmed by Bike where you live and ride? Host a showing of Filmed by Bike On Tour – as a theater event or a virtual event! It’s easy, just press play. We’ll help you out with all the details.
Tour Details + Schedule