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What is Filmed by Bike?

Filmed by Bike is a film festival featuring the world’s best bike movies. The jury-selected collection is showcased every year at an expansive film festival weekend live on YouTube. The film programs can be watched both Live and Later. The collections then travel all over the world year round.

Promote Your Film

“I’m excited to announce that my film was accepted into the 19th Annual Filmed by Bike, a film festival featuring the world’s best bike movies. May 20-23, 2021 live on YouTube. The festival also tours year round, and my film might also make it into the tour collection (I’ll know in July).”

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Filmmaker Slack

We wanted to offer a space for filmmakers to connect! Feel free to utilize this Slack channel to share resources, ask questions, or just to connect with other filmmakers who also have films included in the festival this year.


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Festival Trailer

Instagram Reels

These are fun glimpses at each of the six programs. Pick your fave and showcase it!

Find them all here

Instagram Images

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Instagram Stories

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General Graphic

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Highlights + Fun Facts

* May 20-23, 2021
* Six unique programs of movies
* Filmmaker Q+A sessions
* Adventure Night featuring bold cyclists who conquer amazing feats on the remote rugged road
* Two energetic programs on opening night.
* Speed Raffle $6,000 in prizes
* 60 films
* 58 filmmakers
* 18 countries represented
* Documentaries, animation, love stories and more
* An exciting collection of creative animated shorts
* Films from Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, India and many other countries offer a unique glimpse into worldwide bike culture.
* A benefit for NW Documentary, a non-profit organization that helps people tell their stories through film