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About the Grant Program

Filmed by Bike movie events are an excellent way to raise funds for an organization, to raise awareness about projects and causes and to build your bike community. We know that the first year of crafting an event is the most challenging, and it gets much easier the second and third years. That’s why we offer a grant program to help groups get started the first year – we want to set you up for success well into the future!

By year two it will be easier, and year three it will be smooth sailing for you. You fans and supports will look forward to the big Filmed by Bike event every year and it could be your major annual fundraiser.

What an engaging and creative way to raise project funds!

Grant Process

Complete this application. If you are selected for a grant, we will be in touch.

Who Qualifies

  • Organizations that wish to show Filmed by Bike as a fundraiser or community building effort.
  • Preference is given to entities that are actively working on initiatives to increase the diversity of their organization in terms of offering positions of power, prominence, celebration and authentic inclusion to women and Black, Indigenous and all People of Color.
  • Must be a non-for-profit organization, community group, etc. Official non-profit tax-exempt status is not required.
  • Organizations that are excited to show Filmed by Bike and will promote the event broadly.
  • Events that are open to the general public (charging a ticket fee is strongly encouraged for grant-supported events).


Please do not apply if any of the following apply to your entity:

  • You have previously received a grant
  • You have previously shown Filmed by Bike
  • You are located in the Greater Portland, Oregon Metro Area.

What is a Grant?

A grant is a $100 discount on your show for the first year (only).

Apply for a Grant