“I’ll never turn down an opportunity to go dancing.”

Jessica is a bike-loving enthusiast who gets excited by Portland’s many cool events like the “Loud & Lit” ride “for its good beats, bike eye-candy and pure MADNESS!” she explains.

Jessica is excited to be on the jury “to get a first look at all the creative energy and time that has been poured into this festival. Plus, I love meeting people. so to sit around with a crew of bike-lovin’ people sounds most delicious!”

Jessica’s film My Bike Takes me Places was screened at the 2009 festival, “I felt like I’d won an Oscar. Making the movie was a whirlwind as I’d chosen to do it at the last moment, turned it in with literally two minutes on the clock and, moreover, I had never made a movie before! The excitement and honorary feeling set me off on the right foot with movie-making, and I have since made multiple movies.”

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