Nikki Margarita

Cyclist, Portrait Photographer, Community Organizer

“On my bike I don’t have to take myself too seriously, and just have fun.  When there are moments I want to film when riding, they are usually because it’s either beautiful, meaningful or silly. Bikes and films kind of get me out of my head and just be present to what’s happening in front of me.”

“I love good storytelling! I want to see stories I can relate to, mostly because I don’t see it very often, as well as being immersed in something totally unique. I hope to see a perspective that not a lot of people get to see in the spotlight.”

Why Nikki is excited to be on the Jury

“The joy of being on the Filmed by Bike Jury is the excitement of community building. I look forward to the challenges of sharing my particular thoughts in tandem with collaborating with other folks on the jury. 


BikePOC PNW, Chingonas Outside, Friends on Bikes

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