Sponsor/Partner Ads – Final Format Details

Deadline: April 1

In order to have a festival-quality version of your ad, we need you to send in a final copy that meet the following criteria.

Where your video plays

  • Portland – On screen as people enter the theater (virtual or in-in person) at least 12 times
  • Portland – On screen before the movies begin – 6 times
  • Tour Shows Worldwide – On screen before movies begin – 20-50 times – Depending on level of sponsorship
  • YouTube Ticket Access – All year long for individual ticket sales – Depending on level of sponsorship

Image Ad

  • 1920×1080 (wide, horizontal, landscape)
  • JPG
  • Full color
  • No bleeds
  • Plays for approx. 4 seconds – we recommend no more than 8 words on your ad

Video Ad

  • 20 seconds max (longer pieces won’t be shown)
  • Should be entertaining, not feel like an ad.
  • Should play well even without the sound
  • Plays 1-10 times throughout the event, so make it something people want to watch that often and take into consideration the fact that many people will see it far more than once.
  • Highly entertaining pieces will be shared through our social.

Video Ad – Tech Details

Please deliver your final file in the following format:

  • Movie file (no gifs, please)
  • Ideal: 3840×2160 (4k)
  • Minimum resolution 1920×1080
  • Encoding: H.264
 If you have any questions about formatting, or have trouble delivering in the requested format please contact melina@filmedbybike.org

How to Send Your File

  • Vimeo post in correct format set to be a downloadable file
  • File transfer service such as Dropbox
  • File hosted on your server that we can download
  • We cannot accept a link to a YouTube video as your final format

Send your file to Melina@FilmedByBike.org

Contact Info

If you have further questions, contact our submissions coordinator: