REGULAR Deadline: 1/20/2021
LATE SUBMISSION Deadline: 1/26/2021 by 11:59PM PST
($15 Fee Increase)


About the Festival

Filmed by Bike showcases the world’s best bike movies with a curated collection that travels the world and a huge film festival here in Portland, Oregon every spring at the Hollywood Theatre.  Due to Covid-19, our 2020 Festival was successfully held online, and we are heading into 2021 with the same plan (unless things take a miraculous turn of course).

Submissions are restricted to 25 minutes or less. We may accept a limited number of films that are longer, so if you think your piece has what it takes to make it past our Jury, please submit your film. Bear in mind that Filmed by Bike is world-renowned for being a film festival of very short bike movies. Shorter is sweeter.


Golden Helmet Award – Top prize.
Music Award, presented by Radio Room – Honors the filmmaker who makes the best use of independent music.
Audience Choice – Finally, the audience gets to have their say!
Local Award, presented by The Bike More Challenge – For locals only 🙂


Jury Review

Our esteemed jury of film and bike enthusiasts will preview submissions and make the final selections. They will choose approximately 70 films for the festival.

Submission Process

  1. Due to our submissions window, you will not hear from us until mid-February at the earliest regarding your films acceptance.
  2. Submit your film(s) by 1/20/2021.
  3. The jury reviews submissions in late January.
  4. We announce the accepted films in the week prior of our Ticket Launch Party, usually the first Thursday in March.

Requirements To Submit For Jury Consideration

  • We focus on short films. Submissions longer than 20 minutes are not likely to be accepted.
  • You will be asked to provide a link to view your film online. Youtube, Vimeo, etc.



2021 Submission Form

We accept film submissions only through FilmFreeway.


Jury Selected Film Requirements

If your film is selected by our jury, you will be asked to submit a final format file with the following criteria for inclusion in the festival:

  • Codec: Apple ProRes 422 (standard)
  • Container: .mov
  • Resolution: 1920×1080 resolution (4k can be delivered in addition if desired, as long as a 1920×1080 version is also included)
  • Encoding: H.264 with variable bit rate between 15-30mbps, or 100-150mbps if delivering 4k in addition to 1920×1080 file size
  • 2.0 channel stereo mix

How to Transfer Your Film

  • When you submit via FilmFreeway you can either upload your film file directly into the platform, or input the Vimeo or YouTube link where your film already lives.
  • We prefer Vimeo, and it is okay to password protect your film.  Just make sure you include the password when filling out the information in FilmFreeway’s system.
  • Please do not send a DVD.
  • If your film is selected, for the Final Format delivery, we will need the actual file (a YouTube/Vimeo/Other link won’t work). In most cases, we will request download permission through the FilmFreeway platform.
  • Not sure how to submit using the above requirements? Please check out out our Final Format instructions for more information on setting up your final format submission.

Regarding Music

Filmed by Bike believes in giving credit to talented musicians. Submissions with licensed music are eligible for the Music Award, presented by Radio Room and Keys Lounge. Using music without permission (a license) will limit the audience for your film, but are still accepted. Tip: Ask a local musician, there’s a good chance she or he will say yes.

  • The music or sound designs used in your film is your own.
  • The music in your film was made for your use with permission
  • The music used in your film is licensed by Creative Commons and you’ve given the appropriate credit.
  • You licensed the music in your film for this specific use and can provide documentation if requested


For submission information, please contact Melina Coumas, Films Manager.