Previous Jurors


Courtney Williams

Founder of The Brown Bike Girl bicycle advocacy consulting

“Bikes and film are both mediums where you can experience the illusion of flying.”

Through her agency The Brown Bike Girl, Courtney works with government, non-profit and other institutions to increase bicycling access and adoption within communities of color. Through initiative planning and facilitation, training and creative collaboration she provides bicycle training for a variety of people.

Courtney says she is excited to travel from New York to be part of the Filmed by Bike Jury because we are both working toward something similar. “I think our projects are aligned in wanting to perpetuate the phenomenon of people having authentic and practical connections with their bikes and being willing to hold celebration over someone finding identity in their bike’s utilitarian functions, rather than just the more common themes of defiance and competition.”

As a juror, Courtney hopes to see transformative films. “I want to see films about whole communities being converted to bike towns – where they collectively recognize car-dominance is an outdated measure of success/the American way of life – and cycling for transport becomes the ethos of the town.”


NYC DOT – Vision Zero Educator
El Barrio Bikes – Ride Leader
League of American Bicyclists – Certified Instructor

Special Opportunity

Courtney will be in Portland around January 22-26 and is available for speaking engagements. Please contact us or Courtney directly to make arrangements.

Juntu Oberg

Northwest Trail Alliance Board Member

“Filmed by Bike is one of the benchmarks of creativity in our area. Now that the films go on tour it’s an exciting time and I am honored to be a part of the process.”

As a lifelong Portlander and a member of the NW Trail Alliance, Juntu has a long history of working hard to open our off road areas to cycling.

Juntu says she is looking forward to watching stories about how bikes are a part of people’s lives. “Biking is a big part of my recreation and fitness but learning about how it positively impacts others and their communities is something I am looking forward to.”


NW Trail Alliance
Mt. Bike Oregon Trail Guides

Stephanie Hough

NW Film Center Equipment Manager

“I love that there is an inherent opportunity for movement and creative ways of showcasing your subject. The cycling community also has such a wonderful enthusiasm for nature, exploration, friendship and travel – all great topics in filmmaking!”

Stephanie is a busy filmmaker who holds various positions within the film industry and works on productions.

Stephanie says that as a juror she hopes to see some experimental films, “and hopefully some animations too – anything unexpected, really, would be a delight to see.”


Women In Film – PDX – Vice President of the board
Hollywood Theatre – Volunteer
Cinema 21 – Projectionist and Theater Manager
BendFilm – Venue Manager

Dylan VanWeelden

Photographer and Filmmaker

Dylan is a lifelong cyclist and loves to spread the beauty cycling has to offer. He has grown up with a deep passion for the competitive side of bike racing but now is enjoying the slower and more enjoyable sides of riding. 

Dylan has worked with a wide variety of bike and outdoor brands helping tell their brand story as a photographer and filmmaker. See his work on his website.


Oregon Timber Trail

Photo by Robin ONeil


Erik Fenner

Chris King Precision Components, Digital Marketing Lead

“Cycling gives me that giggly high of endorphins and when a filmmaker can give me that same sensation while I’m sitting still they’ve really created something special.”

Erik says he’s excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury to be a part of our ability to expand the cycling audience. “This festival allows us to feel connected to all these diverse stories through our mutual love of bikes. I’m thrilled to be able to contribute to and support the artistic cycling community and help others have a similar experience of connection.”

As a juror, Erik says he hopes to see some new surprises. “I’m a sucker for a scenic bikepacking trip, but I really love seeing the new ways people use bikes that I have never dreamed of. Working in the bike industry I feel pretty well versed in the ways a bike can be used but every year Filmed By Bike shows me a new one.”

Jason Van Horn

SPANK Industries/The Gravity Cartel and

“I’m a mountain biker, so I always love seeing new approaches to projects  – especially those showcasing less commercial topics. I’m looking forward to seeing new stories that haven’t been told yet.”

One of Jason’s favorite activities is traveling to ride and document trail building success stories for He strives to inspire others to advocate for the sport.

Affiliations – Bike Skills Instructor
Mt. Bike Oregon – Guide Program

Jami Drath

Bike Enthusiast

“I love cycling and seeing the films at Filmed by Bike each year always inspires me to do more. I love this event so much and am so happy to be a part of it.”

Jami is a born-and-raised Portlander who says she has been riding bikes with her family and friends all of her life. Jami loves seeing new places by bike and going on bike adventures.

As a juror, Jami hopes to see films by women.

Erin McMorris

Bike Enthusiast

“Filmed by Bike is a really important part of the Portland bike community. I always walk away feeling excited for my next adventure.”

Erin says she is excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury so she can finally find out what happens behind the scenes and why some films don’t make it into the festival. Erin is a firm believer that biking is different for everyone. “To showcase the creative, and inspiring ways people use their bikes is motivational.”

As a juror, Erin says she hopes to see diverse stories. “I’d love to see stories about people I’ve never heard of doing things I’ve never seen. As a designer, I always want to see strong visuals.  I have big expectations for beautiful cinematography this year!”

Anchitta Noowong


Anchitta is a working filmmaker is is currently involved in a variety of Portland area projects.

“It’s definitely an honor to be a part of the jury! It’s refreshing to see how Filmed by Bike bridges the cycling community and film enthusiasts together.”

Anchitta says she’s looking forward to watching bike-themed films by creative filmmakers around the world.

“I hope to see bike films with diverse representation both on and off-screen – films made by and about women, LGBTQ, non-binary, and people of color.”


Women in Film – PDX
Oregon Media Production Association

Anthony Hernandez

Rat Patrol Member

“Bikes are freedom and self-empowerment in a beautiful wheeled package. Films are yet another medium to share stories we tell each other to learn, be entertained, and further our empathy for one another.”

Anthony’s love bike bikes runs deep and he be found all over Portland at a variety of bike events and activities. He says,”I‘m excited by Filmed by Bike because many of the films are a love letter to our bikes and to the friends around the world we have yet to meet.”

As a juror, Anthony says he hopes to see beautiful and artfully done animated films. “While I do still have a great love for the quirky non-sequitur films of the early years, I’m really thrilled to see the international films.”


Shift to Bikes – Board member and head of Ride Leadership and Education Subcommittee
Rat Patrol –  Club member

Ryan Barrett

River City Bicycles Marketing Manager

We all live different experiences on our bicycles. I’m excited to see how the filmmakers translate  their stories on screen.”

Ryan is a filmmaker, photographer and bike enthusiast who loves all types of riding. “I can usually be found smiling and riding nearly all kinds of bikes from BMX to mountain to cyclocross and road.”

As a juror, Ryan says to see riveting films. “I want to see films that give me the ‘holy sh*t.. I want to do that’ feeling, I also want to see stories that change our perceptions of what’s possible – be it on bikes or within a larger context of life.”


Friends of Gateway Green – Board Member

Kristen Leask

Bike Enthusiast

“Filmed by bike has always been a highlight for me and my riding partners every year because we usually have a tour scheduled shortly after the event. It is so inspiring to see all of the other types of riders before we embark upon a big trip.”

Kristen has lived car-free in Portland for 10 years and says she loves exploring by bike. She has toured all over the region and regularly goes out on local overnight bike camping trips.

As a juror, Kristen says she hopes to see more adventure films featuring women.

Bethany Adams

Bike Culture Enthusiast

Bethany has long been involved with Filmed by Bike as an on-stage personality running our infamous Speed Raffle so it’s an honor to finally award her an esteemed seat on the Jury, where she can sit and relax for a change.

Bethany is affiliated with Gravity Girls, Sprockettes, Fun Hogs and C.H.U.N.K. 666 – all admirable bike culture groups in the region.

Though Bethany is already involved with the festival on an important volunteer level, she says she is excited to be on the jury to meet the fellow jurors and further deepen her involvement with Filmed by Bike.

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack:  Popcorn

“Filmed by Bike is eclectic, inclusive, inventive, international.”

Jennifer Hardacker

Filmmaker and Film Instructor

Jennifer is an enthusiastic road cyclist who makes short films. She has been an educator of film production and film studies for over 20 years and is currently on faculty at Pacific University.

Jennifer is excited to be on the jury because she knows firsthand the power of Filmed by Bike; she and her now-husband attended Filmed by Bike years ago as one of their first dates.

Jennifer says she is looking forward to seeing films with diverse representation of the cycling community and films from everyday cyclists.

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack:  NW IPAs.

“Filmed by Bike is a celebration of the passion folks have for all things cycling and that passion is infectious.”

Jacinta “J” Higgins

Oregon Market Shop Coordinator at REI

J is a 13 year bike mechanic veteran and a proud member of the women’s cycling team Team Nonstop. J’s also involved with the Portland chapter of the WTF Bike Explorer community that does weekly, inclusive and adventure-focused rides.

J is excited to be on the jury to get a first-hand look at how others choose to depict our shared passion for bikes and says it is an honor to have a voice in the process. “Every film portrays a different relationship between artist/cyclist and their individual story, and I am excited to both relate and have my worldview expanded.”

As a juror, J hopes to see more films created by women, people of color, and groups not typically represented in cycling culture, as well as films about the intersection of community and bikes/adventure.

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack: Sugary vegan treats.

“I love Filmed by Bike’s diversity in films and the ability to get a glimpse into other people’s worlds of adventure. Every year after Filmed by Bike I feel a rejuvenation and spark of motivation for my next expedition.”

Sommer Martin

Communications Manager, The Street Trust

Sommer is a member of the Public Relations Society of America, National Association of Black Journalists, NW Documentary (Filmed by Bike’s beneficiary) and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority – an organization dedicated to public service with an emphasis on programs that target the African American community.

Sommer says she is excited to be on the jury to learn more about Filmed by Bike and perhaps be inspired to find her own style of filmmaking. She hopes to see film submissions that are diverse.

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack:  My favorite movie-watching snack is Dorito nachos.

“I want to see Black and brown stories or at least stories that include some part of our perspective because we ride too!”


Sarah Bott

Airbnb Host and Bike Tour Leader

Sarah has a history of being involved in many aspects of what makes Portland the phenomenal city it is, from being a spokesperson for Mayor Vera Katz and communications officer for Portland Parks & Recreation and the Portland Water Bureau. These days she stays busy leading tours of Portland including hiking and biking tours, and organizes an eBike Meetup for The eBike Store.

Sarah says being on the Filmed by Bike jury is a prestigious honor and she’s excited to watch cool movies with other Portland bike enthusiasts!

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack: Ice cream – any kind will do!

“I love that Filmed by Bike is about real people doing cool things. I love the sense of community around Filmed by Bike.”

Evan Schafer

Post Production Artist

Evan is a freelance post production artist who works on commercials as an editor and colorist. He’s also a member of the Oregon Media Production Association, one of Filmed by Bike’s partner organizations.

As a freelancer, Evan has the opportunity to collaborate with different innovative people and agencies across a variety of projects.

Evan is excited to be on the jury to combine his love of bikes and bike culture with his profession in the film and video world. He is hoping to see films with interesting stories and even more interesting characters.

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack:  any kind of salty/sweet trail mix.

“I’m thrilled that Filmed by Bike is bringing bike related films to a larger audience so that they can share in the joy of simply turning pedals.”

Matt Ruddy

Educator in Writing, Literacy and Arts Development

Matt believes in making the outdoors accessible to communities that might not otherwise get the chance to explore due to location and cost. He is a chaperone for school students with the Chill Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to giving students from underserved communities the chance to learn to surf, skate and snowboard.

Matt is excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury because he’s an avid indie film fan, an mt. biker and an intermittent city commuter/cruiser. He’s looking forward to hearing the film observations of other jurors and learning from the process.

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack: Popcorn with brewers yeast.

“Filmed by Bike represents the idea of DIY and self sufficiency – technology, pedal power, and creativity means anyone can make something.”

Eric Aldinger

Mt. Bike Guide

Eric is a supporter of the Mountain Bike Oregon festival where he can usually be found wearing the bandanna of a Volunteer Trail Guide, but he has also worked as a vendor and Dream Team member. When racing, he wears a Team Finger jersey. When building trails he does it with 44 Trails, Hood River Area Trail Stewards, or Northwest Trail Alliance.

Eric says he’s excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury for the free movies and to be part of the passion of the event. He hopes to see film submissions that reflects the ability of the bicycle to transform pain into personal growth.

Favorite post-ride snack: Burger and shake at Stewart’s 58 in Oakridge.

“Filmed by Bike is an institution that humbles me. People pour themselves into producing the event as much as the creators of each submission.”


Barry Braverman


Cinematographer Barry Braverman has many years of experience in television documentaries and feature films. His credits include Ridley Scott’s Equals, Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom and The Darjeeling Limited. TV credits include ABC 20/20, CBS News Sunday Morning and National Geographic TV documentary specials.

Barry is a member of Hollywood cinematographer’s guild and currently conducts camera and visual storytelling workshops throughout the world. His book “Video Shooter” (3rd Edition) from Focal Press explores the art and craft of video storytelling with the latest-generation cameras.

Chris King

Chris King Precision Components

Chris is the owner and founder of Chris King Precision Components, a performance bicycle component manufacturer based in Portland.

The Chris King brand is revered worldwide for their dedication to lasting quality and beauty, a discerning eye Chris will no doubt bring to his role on the jury.


Chris says he’s excited to be on the jury to see this year’s entries, “I look forward to soaking in the vast creativity of other bike-minded people and to learn from and expand my appreciations of this art form from the perspectives of the other jurors.”

Kelli Samuelson

LA Sweat

As the founding manager/owner of LA Sweat Pro Cycling, Kelli is a notable and powerful voice in the cycling world. “My goal,” she says, “is to inspire more women to get out and ride in any way they want – from racing to casual to mountain and bikepacking.”


Kelli says she is excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury because she loves “seeing what other riders are up to and the things they create.”

Her photo is by @_xskillyx_

Molly Sugar

Friends on Bikes

Molly is the founder of Friends on Bikes, a cycling group for W/T/F/N-B people of color in Portland and Seattle. In addition to being a designer at Ride with GPS, Molly says she is also a lover of gravel riding, bike packing, creating bike related designs and eating donuts. “Typically you can catch me with my friends at PDX Coffee Outside every Friday morning at a different location around Portland.”


Molly says she’s excited to be on the jury to witness and be a part of, in her words, “the Filmed by Bike movement that combines cycling and creativity together to inspire positive cycling experiences around the world.”

Tia Sherry

The Street Trust

Tia is the Development Director for The Street Trust, a Portland-based non-profit organization that open minds and roads to bicycling.


I get to unplug from what I have to do every day and abandon myself with what I love most – bicycles!

Chris Franklin

Lost ‘N Portland

Chris is the owner of Portland-based media company Lost ‘N Portland. He says building video content for Lost ‘N Portland has allowed him to express himself in brand new ways.


Chris says being on the Filmed by Bike jury will be an excellent experience. “I am excited to take part in such an awesome film festival dedicated to our love of two wheels.”

Michael Adams

Mountain Gypsy

Michael describes himself as a mountain gypsy, connoisseur of swimming holes and a self-taught cultural anthropologist.


Michael says he’s excited to be on the jury because he has been enjoying attending Filmed by Bike since the very first year.

Diego Huber

Drone Nerd

Diego is a self-described “drone nerd” who grew up in Amity, Oregon. He also describes himself as an easy going fair weather cyclist.


Diego says he’s excited to be on the jury of an Oregon-based film festival. “I love this state of Oregon I call home.”

Ivy Chuang

Portland Society

Ivy is a Board member of the Portland Society, an organization of female-identified cyclists who strive to make Portland a better place to live, work and ride. When she is not bicycling, she can be found at her all-natural botanical skincare boutique Blendily in Portland.


Ivy says she’s excited to be on the jury to view the stories of filmmakers who share her love of bikes. “Trains, planes, automobiles, subways, ships, and my own two feet all get me from point A to B, but on a bicycle the point of view has such a special place in my heart.”

Emee Pumarega

Bike Enthusiast

Emee is the owner of the event management company EJP Events. She is a longtime bike fun enthusiast and leader of creative group rides such as “Poppin’ Tagz”, “Bastille Day” and “The Doctor Who Ride”. Emee says it was an enthusiastic summer camp media studies teacher who sparked an interest in film, with exposure to Battleship Potemkin and Un Chien Andalou at the tender age of thirteen.


“I love the creativity of film storytelling, and I love bikes. Plus free popcorn? Splendid!”


Courtney Herman

Assistant Professor of Film at Portland State

Courtney believes that well made films reveal something essential about the human condition and what it’s like to be a little person spinning around on this planet.

Though Courtney says she really loves being a teacher, she has plenty of interests outside of work, including hiking, biking, car touring, camping, coaching youth soccer and following college and professional sports.

“Biking is an important part of our culture in Portland and it is nice to be able to honor that culture in a way that intersects with my interest in film.”

Milk Duds

Portland State Film

Manny Marquez


Manny says he has been in love with filmmaking and storytelling since I was a child watching Star Trek reruns in rural Oklahoma. “You could turn on the TV, and you would transported to a world unlike your own.”

“When I come up with an idea or find an interesting subject for a documentary, that’s what gets my engine cranking! Just last year, I was standing in the middle of the jungle of a Filipino village, 105 degrees and dripping with sweat. With my camera in my hand, I thought to myself, ‘This is what it’s all about.'”

Though Manny is a bike racer and frequent rider these days, it wasn’t always that way. In 2009 he was sent on assignment to document the Tour de France. Intently watching the racers through his lens, he grew to appreciate, and eventually fall in love with, the sport.

“Having one of my films screened at Filmed by Bike was one of the most enjoyable festival experiences I’ve ever had. To be able to help choose what movies come to the screen, is a great honor!”


Dirty Fingers Bike Shop

Dean Dickerson


Dean certainly knows what a bike loving audience wants to see in bike films. His 2015 film “Dea-Nee’s Big Adventure” featured a Pee-wee Herman character pulling hot BMX tricks, and our crowd went wild for it.

When he’s not busy riding empty pools, he is a skateboarding advocate who coordinates fundraising events and works on the development of (bike friendly) skate parks.

“It will be a good opportunity to see what other cyclists are doing these days across the globe”


Gummies of all kinds, lots of popcorn and anything with a crunch.


Bone Deth (BMX) bikes, Etnies Flow, and Team Shralp.

David Williams

Co-producer, The Moth PDX + Nutcase Helmets

David believes well produced films bring all elements of storytelling together to transport us into a different world. “And that new world can change you,” he adds, “if you let it.”

When he’s not busy on stage acting or producing The Moth Story Hour, he likes running triathlons, photography, storytelling, movies, cooking, travel and vast open spaces.

“Filmed by Bike combines two of my very favorite things: Cycling and storytelling. And if I can help bring to light a story that should be shared, I am honored to do so.”


Screen Actors Guild, Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominating Committee, Team In Training.

Üma Kleppinger

Creative Director

Uma believes film is visual storytelling. “And I love storytelling because it has the power to change people’s minds, touch their hearts, and change the world.”

When she’s not busy building her storytelling platform, Üma can be find shredding trail on her mt. bike. an avid mt. biker. She is also, in her words, “an insufferable foodie.”

“I started my professional career in media studies with an emphasis on film design. While in school I worked as a bike messenger. I have experienced first-hand how cycling can transform a life and I am really honored to have been selected for the jury.”

Popcorn and a hoppy IPA.

AIGA, and American Marketing Association, many writers’ guilds.

Teresa Feldman

Bike Polo

Teresa believes that movies can move us, “They force us to rethink our values/beliefs, transport us to an entirely new universe; movies have an amazing power.”

She also believes that biking allows us to be more connected to the world as we move through it. “You can clearly see all of the things around you, you can stop to fully take in the wonder and awe of the environment, you set the pace and are in control over the situation.”

“It will be such an amazing unique experience that ties together two of my interests.”


Portland Hardcourt Bike Polo

Scott Potomi

Bike Enthusiast

Scott believes film has the ability to allow people to leave their current state of mind and catch a glimpse into something they may have not thought about or experienced before. “It also allows the filmmakers to share their views on the world, he adds.”

Scott is intrigued by the finer points in life: old wooden blimps, the seven-mile deep hole in Russia, abandoned cruise ships and understanding how things work.

“I get to watch over 100 bicycle related films! And be a part of something I’ve appreciated so much in the past.”


Pete Abram

Polo Player

Pete believes the best films are those that hypnotize you and make you forget the real world exists. “I love when you completely and thoroughly fall into the story and come to know the characters better than you know some of those closest to you.”

“I’ve been a film lover and a bike fanatic since a young age and now I’m finally getting to combine them in an official capacity.”


Portland Hardcourt Bike Polo, Community Cycling Center

Sherri Rohlf

Ride Leader

Sherri is drawn to cycling because it forces one to simply be in the moment: focused and aware of surroundings,”which seem like rarity these days,” she says, “with our constant pressure to multitask.”

“I am excited to be on the jury to watch all of the amazing films submitted to this film festival – even those that don’t make the cut.”

My favorite movie watching snack is coconut lemon saffron vegan ice cream from Fifty Licks.

Sorella Forte Women’s Cycling Club, Ride Leader Coordinator for the River City Bicycles Women’s Saturday Intermediate Road Rides

Alexis Gabriel

Communications and Community Engagement Manager for Portland Sunday Parkways

Sunday Parkways is a monthly event that provides a car-free network of city streets. In this role, Alexis creates opportunities for people to walk, bike and use public transit.

Beyond her busy day job, Alexis is actively involved with many other projects. She is a co-producer of the podcast Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About This? and a member of the Oregon Environmental Council’s Emerging Leaders Board.

Alexis’ hidden talent is being able to rock karaoke in both English and Japanese.

“I love bikes and film!”

Scott Ballard

Freelance Filmmaker & Director of Photography

Scott is a Portland-based filmmaker and co-founder of the Great Notion Filmmakers Collective, a network and distribution platform for award-winning filmmakers.

In 2015 Scott released his third feature film, Death on a Rock, which has currently won five awards and four additional nominations at the 12 festivals where it was shown.

In addition to all this film vigilance, Scott is also extremely good at shucking oysters.

“It’ll be fun to see all the creative interpretations that would bring one to submit their film to the festival.”

Meg Keys

Bookkeeper, Bicycle Transportation Alliance

Meg is a specialty juror who won her coveted spot at Cranksgiving, an event that challenges cyclists to circle the city while collecting food for people in need.

When she’s not busy having fun on her bike, Meg is also a creative piñata maker who runs Llave Designs.

“I like films, I love bikes and I am a big fan of combinations.”

Shawn Small

Owner and Chief Engineer, Ruckus Composites

Ruckus specializes in the repair and customization of carbon fiber bicycles and Shawn specializing in having fun on two wheels.

Sounds like a fun opportunity.

Randy Wakerlin

Animator and Co-Owner of Solmate Socks

We know Randy’s going to be a fun addition to the Filmed by Bike jury as his company specializes in mis-matched socks with funky patterns and bright colors.

For many years Randy worked in animation in Portland. Last Halloween, he and his five-year-old daughter created a rear projected shadow puppet theater on the front window of his house.

Randy says he’s excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury for the free snacks, but that’s not all: “I love attending the festival as an audience member so being on the jury is like watching the Criterion version of the festival. Every film submitted has something interesting to see even if it doesn’t make the final cut”.

Aaron Flores

Co-Host, Sprocket Podcast

Aaron’s podcast covers simple living, transit and bikes and in his free time Aaron says he packs in as much bike shenanigans as his schedule will allow.

In 2016 Aaron will be exploring new horizons, a journey he says he’s really looking forward to. He wouldn’t mind it if his job title were Secretary of Tomfoolery.

“I’ve been a Filmed by Bike fan since I moved to Portland. I never thought I’d be let ‘behind the curtain,’ so to speak. It is quite a privilege.”

Lori Sills

Tax and Estate Planning Attorney

Besides doing what she calls “the devil is in the details” work by day, Lori is an active contributor to the vibrancy of Portland’s bike culture.

Lori is a board member of Umbrella, a the fiscal sponsorship organization that supports many Portland bike events. She leads (and participates) in Pedaloalooza rides, fits helmets for the Community Cycling Center, is a Sunday Parkways Mobile Superhero, a member of Cycle Wild bike touring and is actively working to help make the Salmonberry trail to the Oregon Coast a reality.

Lori spent last March solo road tripping through southern Utah, communing with the land by bike and by foot. “If I could swing it, I’d be back again every spring,” she says.

“I love Filmed by Bike! It’s awesome to see people make funny/serious/moving/beautiful films about/with/on the biggest part of my identity – BIKES! I’m so stoked to be part of the test audience and help curate a fantastic 2016 festival.”

Armando Luna

System/Applications Analyst

Basically, by day Armando is a fixer, but by all other times he’s a master of bike fun. In 2015, he participated in a wealth of Pedalpalooza rides, was on a Bike Scout Scavenger Hunt team, competed in Cranksgiving and attended an abundance of bike events. Through all of this, Armando, who has lived in Portland since the 90s, says he loves that 2015 was such a year for making more bike friends.

Armando is a member of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and the Northwest Trail Alliance. He is a firm believer that advocacy is an important tool for making positive change a reality.

“I love that Filmed by Bike is growing and growing. I’ve always loved film and studied cinema and photography in college. Bikes have been a big part of my life since I could ride, so being selected as a juror brings these worlds and passions together.”

Miriam Steierman

Accounting Manager

Miriam got her start in film obsession by sitting in on her ex-husband’s film studies classes in Mexico. She says that this resulted in befriending a Mexican movie critic and learning a lot from him.

Miriam also worked for the Mexican government in a film censorship role where she was afforded the rare opportunity to watch an abundance of uncut foreign films.

“I LOVE watching movies, especially shorts and if they were made by creative people, even better.”

Philip “Flip” Mascher

Brand Connector, Nutcase Helmets

In addition to being an everyday cyclist, Flip spends his time being an adventurer in life. In 2015 he spent a week at a rave party in an abandoned castle in France followed by a 12-day hike in the polar region of Lappland, Sweden.

“I find myself in the position of being an eternal foreigner. I’ve lived in four countries, speak the four languages (all well, none perfectly) and wherever I am, I seem to be from somewhere else.”

“I love the Portland bike community and have really enjoyed Filmed by Bike in the past.”

Beth Martin

Business Affairs Coordinator for Marmoset

Marmoset is a boutique music agency that makes handcrafted sounds for filmmakers and storytellers. When she’s not busy slinging contracts and invoices there, Beth is the Media Coordinator for PDX Pop Now!, a non-profit dedicated to simulating and expanding participation in Portland music. She’s also the Volunteer Coordinator for the Oregon Music Hall of Fame.

Beth is no stranger to film fests, in fact she went to five of them in 2015.

“I’m a big music and film fan and local music and film scene supporter, so I’m super stoked to see some unique projects.”

Heather Kendall

Community Outreach Associate, Earth Advantage

Earth Advantage is a Portland-based nonprofit on a quest to accelerate the creation of better buildings.

We’re excited to have Heather on the jury because she brings some pretty strong super powers to the table. She says she’s really good at being able to identify what movie scene a song comes from, “I am especially good at John Hughes movies from the 80’s.”

“I am a dedicated proponent of alternative forms of transportation as part of a larger plan to help us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and begin to mitigate the dire impacts of climate change. I want to support any effort being made to promote the role of bicycling in this larger context. And I love the bicycle culture and community of Portland!”


Lisa Luna

Adventure Biking Program & Community Outreach Coordinator at the Mountain Shop

Lisa Luna believes that so many good things come from people, bikes and our world coming together. She is excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury because she feels the festival is a good example of this, and is a celebration of something she loves.

“I loved all of those perfect-dirt days up at Sandy Ridge and the flow state it puts me in. And the Pedalpalooza Karaoke Ride.”

Lisa is also a mountain bike instructor, mountain bike patroller and Mt Hood ski patroller. Lisa is proud to be putting together a team of people to do a Ride for Reading book drive in the spring.
P.S. She needs help with that. Hint, hint.

Ifanyi Bell

Digital Producer and Co-Founder of Brushfire Creative Partners

By Day: constantly making connections with people and working to find creative solutions for businesses and social enterprise.
aka Digital Producer and Co-Founder of Brushfire Creative Partners

Ifanyi says he’s excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury because he has always been a fan of the festival. “I wrote a film two years ago that is bike themed and I promise, if it gets made, it will premiere at FBB.”

“I quit my job at Oregon Public Broadcasting and started another acronym, Brushfire Creative Partners. It was scary, brave and difficult, but working for the man was no longer an option.”

Ifany describes himself as a “Native Portlander/Portland Ex-patriate”. He’s also a filmmaker, storyteller and personally competitive, fair-weather cyclist

J Allard

Creator of 529 Garage

Why is J excited to be on the Filmed by Bike Jury? Well, he put it this way “At least two of the following are true – 1/ I love movies. 2/ I love bikes. 3/ I love criticizing people’s hard work.” So we’ll leave it up to you do decide.

Project 529* created a petition to urge Craigslist and eBay to require serial numbers on bike listings and got the support of over 51,000 cyclists and at the end of 2014 they delivered the petitions to the heads of those companies.

J loves all bikes and is in serious training to complete the holy trinity of cycling in 2015 – the World Naked Bike Ride, Seattle-to-Portland and the Leadville 100.

* Project 529 is the first mobile-based bike registration community that’s like a neighborhood watch network in your pocket. When a bike goes missing, users can press a button to activate the local cycling community – eyes on the street to look out for the bike.

Larz Stewart

Adventures Without Limits

Larz is an adventurer who loves to explore by bike. “One of my most memorable adventures was biking from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal with good friends so I’m super excited to be on the jury of a local film festival that’s all about bikes!”

Larz is pretty proud of the fact that he managed to make it through year one of fatherhood.

Larz and Adventures without Limits are the local hosts for the Banff Mountain Film Festival, Radical Reels Tour and the 5Point Film Festival’s On the Road series.

Chris McCraw

Community builder, adventurer, joy facilitator

Chris has been a dedicated Filmed by Bike volunteer for six years.”This year I’m excited to help pick the movies and next year maybe I’ll finally make one,” he says.

“Last winter I rode my bike from california to Texas. Last summer I helped organize oregon’s second largest organized bike ride – composed of over 9,000 naked people.”

Chris is that guy who rides around town with bunny ears on his helmet. Your challenge now is to try to spot him on the streets of Portland.

Ann Siqveland

Renewable Energy Project Developer

Ann is excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury because it is in line with her desires to make positive change happen. “There is no silver bullet solution to the giant pickle this country has gotten itself into on nearly every front, but bicycling helps raise awareness about some critical challenges we are facing. Increasing ridership serves as one small part of the solution, so any opportunity to be an advocate is one I am excited about.”

Ann spent 2014 reaching new heights with her first solo weekend camping adventure and later summiting Mt. Adams

Ann is a sucker for hill climbs but rides a steel cyclocross bike, certain that by holding off on getting a lighter frame she will appreciate it all the more when she finally does.

Chris Brannen

Director-at-Large, Sponsorship and Fundraising

Chris is dedicated to building community and appreciation for cycling-related activities that will inspire others to be more active, healthy, caring and compassionate. He loves that being on the Filmed by Bike jury can help contribute to this passion.

“My very most favorite thing about 2014 was the birth of our firstborn child. Being a stay-at-home caregiver for several months with my infant son was simply irreplaceable as a human experience. I recommend it.”

Chris has a lifelong passion for and sense of belonging with bikes. ”My youthfulness is never lost when I’m pedaling a bike.”


Tori Bortman

Author of “Bicycling Magazine’s Big Book of Cycling for Beginners”

Educator/Owner: Gracie’s Wrench

“Being on the jury is a long-time dream of mine come true, so to be able to sit in a screening with so much talent in my fellow esteemed judges and have the pleasure of viewing bike films from around the world is dreamy,” says Tori. “I’m thrilled to help make Filmed by Bike the biggest, best bike party of the year! I’m also fired up about the festival being at the Hollywood Theatre this year.”

Tori went into the wilds of Alaska to complete her first back-country, single-track bikepacking trip. Tori adventured for six days living on and in only what she could carry strapped to her bike as she traveled through the magnificent, quiet tundra of Alaska.

Tori is also a co-host of the KBOO Bike Radio Show, a dog wangler, foodie, gardener and rider of bikes.

Adam Newman

Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times, Online Editor

Adam is new to Portland has been soaking in the vibrancy and richness of our diverse cycling culture. “Cyclists are inherently a creative bunch,” he says, “so I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of stories they share through film.”

“I had a chance to spend a week in Amsterdam in the spring. More bikes that I have ever seen!”

“I love riding fat bikes and I’m not afraid to admit it.”

Russ Roca

Russ says he has been a big fan of Filmed by Bike since he heard about it years ago “and it’s a great honor to be on the jury. The level of sophistication with bike films has increased over the years, so it will be fascinating to see the best of the best. Also, bourbon.”

“Our company did a week long photoshoot with Ortlieb. The days were long and challenging and it took a lot of logistics and planning to pull off. We shot in Portland, the Columbia Gorge, the Deschutes River Trail and on the Oregon Coast. We got up before the sun rose and didn’t stop until it set, so it took a lot of stamina. At the end of the whirlwind week we produced some great images for them.”

Russ is a pretty avid fly fisherman. He learned how to fish in the middle of a three-year-long bicycle tour and says he hasn’t put the rod down since. If you’re looking for a biking fishing buddy, Russ is your man.

Billy Sinkford

Partner, ECHOS Communication

Billy is excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury because, simply put, he likes riding bikes and watching movies. “Combine those two activities,” he says, “and the only thing better is a foot massage.”

“I made a big effort to stay local and spend time with my kids and bring them out to most of the local cross races. Watching my little dudes rip though the mud laughing is the highlight of my week. We spend our time exploring, riding and playing outside. Showing my children the world that I am passionate about is better than a foot massage, maybe.”

Billy is terrified of volcanoes and dislikes doctors on recumbent bikes. When he’s not busy doing PR and marketing for cycling brands, he listens to The NeverEnding Story theme song on loop while climbing hills. He also likes to party. That may or may not be the reason he was accepted onto the Filmed by Bike jury.

Lilah Cady

Freelance Producer for Film and Video

Lilah is a crafty and resourceful aunt extraordinaire who loves chips and salsa and is a master of making creative ideas come to life. Lilah is wrapping up a two-year stint at NW Documentary where she helped Filmed by Bike form a partnership with the organization. Lilah was a key crew member of “Bare As You Dare,” the World Naked Bike Ride documentary.

Lilah says she’s excited to be on the jury so she can see the behind the scenes of Filmed by Bike and help make this year’s festival a success. She’s got the film aspect down pat, but the bike part is somewhat new to Lilah. “When I was a kid I was always way too busy watching Mork & Mindy reruns and movie after movie after movie to even think about going outside and riding a bike,” she explains. “So I didn’t learn to ride until I was 25! I’m still working on mastering life on two wheels, but now you can find me riding all over town on my bike in my free time. It’s a refurbished 8-speed, and I call the color “mermaid’s tears.”

Who Knew? Lilah once set a Guinness World Record by organizing the world’s largest human wheelbarrow race.

Favorite food cart: Native Bowl on Mississippi Ave

Phillip Ross

Co-Owner of Metrofiets bicycle company

Like many of our jurors, Phillip is excited to be on the jury to have the esteemed honor of seeing all the submissions, even the dirty dogs that won’t make the cut.

In his free time, Phillip is a beer brewing, bike riding family chilling dude.

Who Knew? Phil is also involved in the Pedal Powered Talk Show, which is entering its third season. Watch an episode to see Phillip pedaling the bike that carries the host of the show.

Favorite food cart area: The pod outside of Prost on Mississippi.

George Schenk

Event Wrangler and Beer Dude at Velo Cult Bike Shop & Tavern

Pop into Velo Cult Bike Shop & Tavern in Portland’s Hollywood District most days of the week and you’ll find George behind the bar slinging a carefully crafted selection of beers and brewing pour-over coffees.

George says “Having dodged official jury duty for years, I’m excited to fulfill my civic duty watching a moving canvas of all things bike!” and he’ll be right at home as Filmed by Bike Jury Duty takes place in Velo Cult’s clandestine basement theater.

Who Knew? George may come off as a softie, but really he’s tough as nails: “As Founder & Lifetime Member, you should know that my brothers & sisters of the Roughneck Kitty Klub don’t like to be messed with.”

Favorite food cart: PDX 671 at the Rose City Food Carts. “Guamanian food!! Chicken kelaguen with red rice please!!!!”

Jude Gerace

Owner of Sugar Wheel Works

Jude has made a name for herself in the bike world as a master wheel builder. She’s excited to be on the jury for the trifecta of snacks, good people and Filmed by Bike all coming together. We’re fairly certain she won’t be disappointed in those snacks.

Who knew? Early on in her company’s existence, Jude was forced to chance her company name from Epic Wheel Works thanks to the power of another company with a similarly named product, but most people agree the imposed change resulted in a much sweeter name.

Favorite food cart: Native Bowl

Maria Schur

Marketing Coordinator at Western Bikeworks

Maria Schur’s entire life is wrapped up in bikes. She is the treasurer of Portland Society, a networking group for biking women, has helped plan the Portland Tweed Ride, rides with Velodirt and creates bike friendly products like compact seating cushions, decorated reflective mud flaps and more.

Who knew? In addition to kindhearted talents like making people smile and laugh, Maria also prides herself making people push themselves harder on a bike.

Favorite food cart: The falafel booth at SW 5th & Oak

Brock Dittus

Host of the Sprocket Podcast

Brock is a master of sharing his ideas and opinions on all things bicycle as a host on the Sprocket Podcast, but in terms of being on the Filmed by Bike Jury, he’s looking forward to hearing what the other jurors have to say and what they find interesting on screen.

“I’ve been a huge fan of filmed by bike since I learned about it, and consider it to be the cream of Portland’s bike fun crop,“ he says. “I look forward to this a/v celebration of bicycle culture every year, and I’m honored by the chance to help select this year’s top films!”

Who knew? Brock drives a school bus for the Portland Public School District, transporting students with special needs. “I like this job because it keeps me in touch with people who have disabilities, which is not always our society’s highest priority – I think it gives me an enhanced perspective on the world around me.”

Favorite food cart: Cackalacks Hot Chicken Shack on Belmont

Emily Finch

Wrangler of a six biking kids

As the wrangler of six energetic kids in an impressive car-free household, Emily says she is perhaps most looking forward to being on the Filmed by Bike Jury because the “ jury duty is held during the dinner hour, and that’s a very traumatic time for me.”

Emily is excited to see the films before the general public, and to be able to brag to her friends. “I can brag about it and annoy people. Haters gonna hate,” she further explains.

Who Knew? Ditching her car and going car free with such a large family has led to enjoy notoriety to land Emily a spot on the The Ricki Lake Show.

Favorite Food Cart: Potato Champion

Photo credit: BikePortland

Jason LaPier

Software Engineer, Elemental Technologies

Jason has a strong love for independent film and bikes. “We live in an age where the technology for filmmaking has become so accessible and more and more people can realize their creative vision,” Jason says. “I’m looking forward to helping select the most artistic, entertaining, thought-provoking and fun films for the enjoyment of the Filmed By Bike audience.”

We like the creative diversity Jason brings to the Filmed by Bike Jury: “I’ve played guitar in a metal band, spun records as a techno DJ, done some game development and for the last few years I’ve been writing fiction, including a pile of short stories, a self-published novel and another unpublished novel that is in the works.”

Who Knew? Jason organizes a monthly meetup called PDXCloud for technology professionals who work with cloud computing. He also volunteers with Adoption Mosaic, an organization that brings support and resources to all members of the adoption community.

Favorite food cart: Koi Fusion

Guthrie Straw

Bicycle Mechanic and Tour Guide

When he’s not busy taking tour groups around Portland by bicycle with Cycle Portland, Guthrie chronicles his bike adventures through photo and video on his website He also plays a Ukelele (maybe he’ll serenade us at Jury Duty), drinking microbrews (we do a lot of that at Jury Duty) and rescuing kittens (who knows what lurks in the alleys around VeloCult).

Who Knew? Guthrie prides himself his skills of unicycling in drag and growing socially questionable facial hair.

Favorite food cart: Just Thai in downtown Portland

Brian Mohr

Brian has worked in the film industry for more than 10 years. His past work includes shooting for Filmed by Bike favorites “Claire Rides a Bike” and “Right Hook” by Mike Vogel. Brian is an active member of the cycling community in Portland and bring his unique perspective and critical eye to the jury selection process.

A former juror who nominated Brian also thought he would be a good fit because “he loves whiskey and free food.”

Lois Moss

Before moving to Portland in 2011, Lois co-owned four bicycle stores in Ohio, started a tiny non-profit that produced the first Sunday Parkways-type event in the U.S. and was the field coordinator for Bicycling Magazine’s BikeTown program.

“BikeTown was the best job on the planet because I gave away hundreds of bicycles to people in over 30 cities to see if a bicycle could change someone’s life. My life in Portland is very low-key compared to my life in Cleveland.”

Linda Watts

Linda is a veteran of the bicycle industry, having cut her chops working in many fine bikes shops.

She is the mastermind behind the new Velo Vine Rides bicycle tours. As for what she loves about bikes and Portland, Linda say, “Being able to ride your bike to a movie in Portland, have a glass of beer and slice of pizza is the greatest thing in the world.”

Brian Alfrey

Brian is one of the owners of the creative, cool Radio Room bar/restaurant in Portland.

Brian is a lover of art and film and enjoys showcasing the artistic side of Portland through Radio Room’s varied art and the music that plays throughout the space. Brian explains that at Radio Room “Bike culture and art quite often collide to make beautiful love together, just like Filmed By Bike.”

Kristin Dahl

By day, Kristin helps communities with the planning and development of recreation and tourism-based economies through her work at Travel Oregon.

Kristin says that what she loves best about bikes and Portland spans the seasons: “Commuting in the pouring rain with the throngs of other bundled-up commuters and dry summer evening rides in skirts and boots to BBQs.”


Will Vanlue

Communications Director, Bicycle Transportation Alliance

Photography and short films have played a big role in Will’s adult life, moving him from simply getting around on a bicycle to falling in love with the beautiful simplicity of riding. “Every time I’ve attended Filmed By Bike I’ve been impressed by the films. I’m honored and excited by the challenge to help curate a collection of films to inspire everyone who come out for Filmed By Bike in 2014,” he says.

Who Knew? “I’m really proud to have grown up in Eugene. I don’t get to talk about my love of that city nearly often enough. It’s one of my favorite places to ride a bike of anywhere I’ve ridden in North America. The trail network around the Willamette River, the connectivity around the University of Oregon, and recent improvements around the Eugene/Springfield border are all interesting examples of how a city can make bicycling a pleasant and practical option for getting around.”

Favorite Food Cart: DV Vegetarian on SW 3rd “Their Philly Cheesesteak is my Everest. One day I will conquer an entire one in a single sitting…maybe.”

Leann Warren

Leann is the editor of the blog. She says she has raced competitively and “participated in far too many ridiculously challenging rides such as The Death Ride, the Terrible Two Double Century, and the Shasta Super Summit Century.”

Leann is a native Oregonian who was born and raised in Corvallis, graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Communications & Film, and has lived in Portland since 1987.

Rob Sadowsky

Rob is the Executive Director of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. When he’s not busy in the bike world, Rob likes to read mysteries and sci/fi, do crossword puzzles, cook and stare at mountains. Rob says he is excited to be on the jury because he loves the art of short film. “For me films are a way into someone else’s vision of the life and the world.”

Grant Butler

Grant Butler is a food and arts writer for The Oregonian’s Foodday and A&E sections as well as MIX magazine.

Grant describes himself as a movie fanatic, so you can be assured he won’t go easy on the Filmed by Bike submissions.


Rachel Dominguez- Benner

A Better Cycle

Rachel is one of the driving forces behind A Better Cycle, a worker-owned bike shop in SE Portland. “My excitement when I saw the email asking me to be on the jury compares to my adolescent dreams of being assigned the bus seat next to my crush on a long field trip.”

Rachel says she loves Portland and that “Mt. Hood from a distance, on a clear and crisp day, has left an indelible impression on my heart.”

Ken Nichols


Ken Nichols is probably Filmed by Bike’s second biggest fan, right after his wife, Mary. Ken’s dream is to be a car-free family. With six kids he’s not quite there yet, but he does his best to get the family out by bike as much as possible.

Ken is working on bike-related business and loves to dream about bikes.

Paul Jeffery

Paul is an award-winning filmmaker who finds jury duty to be a good way to contribute to Filmed by Bike instead of merely heckling during the show.

He says he loves that bikes keep him from looking foolish in the middle of the street. He thinks film is the best reason to sit in a large dark room with strangers. “Just keep your hands to yourself, mostly,” he says.

Jenn Dederich

Portland Pedal Power

Jenn Dederich is the manager and co-owner of Portland Pedal Power, the egg shaped delivery and marketing by bicycle company.

She is a life-long bike commuter who has always chosen to live and work in locations that allow her to commute by bike. “Each day I have the privilege of stretching my legs and reconnecting with my community. It is honor to be a judge at this competition.”

Jeff Lauten/Doper

Unicycle Bastards

“Ever since , way back when, when I helped invade Portland, had certain parts of my anatomy bitten off by a zombie, and finally exacted a measurable amount of revenge on zombies by kicking ass, I have been in love with Filmed by Bike. FBB is the highpoint of my bastardly winter doldrums,” he says.

It is quite possible that Doper is our most enthusiastic juror of the year. “I found out awhile ago that the FBB submissions were governed by a small band of volunteers known as the jury. I also found out that said jury received many perks for their involvement, chiefly in the form of bribes. Bribes!?! The ability to control the destiny of others!?! Bribes!?!? POWER?!?!?! SIGN ME UP! THIS is my world! I am a golden god!!!!”

Sarah Moody

Sarah has been a fan of Filmed by Bike since she first moved to Portland four years ago. She looks forward to putting her knowledge of the festival to good work in selecting the very best movies for the 10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike.

“I love the bike community in Portland,” she says. As for film, this former film student says, “I love the thought of being in a theater and sharing the same experience with a room full of strangers.”

David Nokovic


David is excited to be on the jury because, as it puts it, Filmed by Bike “combines film, bicycles and a righteous message.

He loves living in Portland for the vitality. “There’s an intentionality to the way we live our lives, and an investment into the richness of our community through sustainability, art, and food that is unparalleled in our great expansive nation. ”

David is ready to party with Filmed by Bike, and he’s well qualified. He once had an a cappella dance party high up on a glacier in the North Cascades under starlight, and the strobe-lighting of about ten headlamps. “That experience comes highly recommended,” he says.

Ryan Schultz


Ryan says one of these statements is true about him:

-Ryan Gosling is my cousin and I taught him how to ride a bike.

-I have four fingers on one hand.

-I am an excellent swimmer.

Ryan is a long-time fan of Filmed by Bike who is excited to be on the jury mostly for the bribes. “I’m hoping for a pony. Or bourbon.”

Chelsie Hayden

As a self-described ultra endurance nomad and employee at Upper Echelon Fitness, Chelsie is looking forward to using her bike passion to help her choose the best films for this year’s festival.

“I think a small part of me hopes this is the beginning of an unexpected life as a film critic, but lets just say I’m excited by any new opportunity that comes my way,” she says.

Chelsea is a rare breed in these parts, definitely not for her love of bikes and film, but certainly for being a native Portlander. “It seems like regardless of how long I’m away for I always come back for the coffee, the mountains, and last but not least, the waffle cart.”

Chelsea enjoys weaving bike, art, music and film cultures into her everyday life. “I feel inspired by little unexpected pockets of beauty whether it’s a vintage Italian steel road bike tucked away in a random alley camouflaged to look like any other bike or a tiny independent film being played at a small one screen theater. I feel like my everyday life depends on these little glimpses of culture.”


Patrick Hughey

Patrick Hughey steps out from behind the camera lens this year to join our, as he puts it, “quirkily outstanding” panel of jurors to help find the next big thing in bike movies.

As a past contributor to the Filmed by Bike Festival (Patrico Productions), Patrick is looking forward to helping Filmed by Bike establish this year’s program.

Patrick is a filmmaker who brings a critical eye to the juror table. He also hopes that the luck that landed him a spot on our 2011 jury will be just the luck he needs to FINALLY win one of this year’s raffle prizes.

Brenda Grell

A recent transplant from Brooklyn, New York, it was the “do it yourself” culture and lifelong love of biking that drew Brenda to Portland in the first place. She describes the city as “a perfect blend of a free-wheeling and art-loving”.

But it is not just her love of biking that got the attention of Filmed by Bike. Brenda, an experimental filmmaker with an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, works in digital design and new media using a feminist’s ideology, a hacker’s mentality and a child’s curiosity. She is a current teacher at the Northwest Film Center and has curated film/video programs throughout the U.S.

If your interested in hobnobbing with this Filmed by Bike juror, simply look for her riding around town, because she has never owned a drivers license and she’s excited to be exploring the streets of her new home, Portland.

Mary Nichols

Mary is proud to introduce herself to people as Filmed by Bike’s biggest fan and now she can’t believe she gets to add to her resume the title of 2011 Jury Member.

Mary is the marketing mastermind behind Karmic Marketing. She has, as she puts it, “a passion for promoting ideas and building communities.” This passion has reached into different businesses throughout Portland, including Laughing Planet, Grand Central Bakery and Radio Room.

Mary comes to us well prepared, and not only through her experience working marketing magic; Mary is also a mom of six kids under 12 years old. If she can handle that, we know full well she can handle the rigor of being a Filmed by Bike jury member!

Heidi Swift

Heidi describes herself as “a newspaper columnist, freelance writer and photographer (and sometimes bike racer) with a penchant for adventure”. So we couldn’t resist accepting her for the adventure of 2011 jury member.

Heidi considers her relentless attention to detail one of her many superpowers, a skill that wil invariably need to be deployed as she scours through endless hours of films alongside the other jurors.

Heidi writes The Everyday Cyclist, a twice-monthly Oregonian column and The Cycling Diaries, an online column for Wend Magazine. Her work has appeared in Cyclocross Magazine, Bicycling Magazine and Velonews to name just a few publications.

But don’t let the credentials fool you, Heidi still makes time to get out from behind the computer and on the open road with the “locally fabulous” Veloforma Cycling team.

Nate Meschke

“I have grease under my fingernails right now and I smell like cutting fluid”

There is no better way is there to introduce you to juror Nate Meschke.

Ever since finishing art school, Nate has channeled his creative fire, brain power and physical energy into building beautiful bikes. He says that for the past 15 years he has not made a dime that is not, in some way, tied to biking. As part of this years jury panel, Nate says he is most looking forward to the films, the food and the free drinks.

Nate’s experience as co-owner to Signal Cycles has prepared him for the task ahead to be a 2011 Filmed by Bike juror. Among his many talents, Nate lists the fact that and he once ate a whole baby loaf of Tillamook cheddar cheese in one sitting.

We forgot to ask, Nate, do you prefer your bourbon near or on the rocks?

Jim Anderson

Portland’s cyclist of all trades, Jim Anderson, is looking for movies of all trades to be in this years Filmed by Bike line-up.

As a Portland native, Jim looks forward to seeing his beautiful city as a film backdrop as images of cyclocross and Pedalpalooza flood back a year of memories in review. But Jim seeks more than local flavor, in fact he shared with us that his favorite Filmed by Bike movies tend to be short, powerful, single-subject films.

From cycling teams, racing, traveling and cycling event organization, Jim has the experience to bring a wide perspective to this year’s panel. Jim is the president of the Oregon Cycling Team and has a background in design.

Timo Forsberg

Timo Forsberg knows that no book could live up to the caliber of movies Filmed By Bike receives each year.

“I am especially happy not to have to hear anyone say ‘The book was much better then the movie.'”

Timo has been to every single Filmed by Bike, so he feels well prepared for the rigors of watching several hours of bike movies and believes his poor memory of past films will give him an absolutely fresh perspective for the 2011 festival.

Besides being a Filmed By Bike enthusiast, Timo contributes in a big way to the Portland bike culture as a board member of the School and Community Reuse Action Program, working with the Multnomah County Bike Fair and as a member of the Trash Mountain Boys bike/rock combo. Timo also enjoys contributing to Breakfast on the Bridges, a monthly event to serve coffee and pastries to morning bike commuters on several Portland bridges. Show up on the last Friday of the month to run elbows with this esteemed jury member. In his spare time, Timo works a full time job for the City of Portland’s Transportation Options Program.

Rebecca Hamilton

For Rebecca Hamilton, riding her bike is part political statement, part shopping cart and part maintenance manual. Rebecca says she is one with the sweat, style and satisfaction of the everyday biker. It is this kinship with the daily trials and tribulations of cyclists that has landed her a spot on our esteemed jury panel.

“Every person behind the handle bars has a story to tell and I can’t wait to see how some of them have chosen to tell it through their film submissions.”

Rebecca is a rockstar with the City of Portland’s Women on Bikes program and as a co-manager of the efforts to bring “parklets,” mini-on-road parks, to Portland.

Aaron Mesh

Aaron Mesh is a film editor for the Willamette Week. He is looking forward to sharing his vast experience and knowledge of movies with the Filmed by Bike 2011 jury panel to create a series of festival programs that will knock your socks off.



Filmmaker Nick Peterson says he has always been proud of the free-spirited DIY culture of his hometown, Portland, and he thinks Filmed by Bike “is a great incarnation of the enthusiasm and soul behind it.” As a jury member, he completely plans to extort the “mad fame and fortune that comes with being on the jury.” He says he could watch bike movies all day and is excited to be part of the team that gets to review submissions.

Nick is a huge bike enthusiast who has never owned a car. He says he’s happy only if he’s spinning around town, but he has really taken things to the velo extreme in his work as a filmmaker. Nick’s films focuses on the subject of communication between people in and out of love. “Specifically,” he says, “the difficulties and misunderstandings we often have in relationships.”

The last film he shot, “Field Guide to November Days” was made entirely by bike. Everyone working on the film biked to set and everything (including furniture) was pulled by bike. The film will premiere this May through the NW Film Center and then Nick will be taking a bike tour of the film from Vancouver, BC down to the Bay Area in June.


“Bikes make me feel strong, smart and sexy and they help me explore the city.”

Sarah is a reporter for the Portland Mercury where, she says, she reports on interesting news and people in the city. “Mostly I focus on bikes, transportation, development, politics and crazy shit.” Because the opening night of Filmed by Bike always sells out, Sarah has never actually gotten into a screening of Filmed by Bike, so she is looking forward to her jury status guaranteeing her a seat this year.

Sarah keeps tabs on what’s happening in the world of bikes, and says “I’m thrilled to watch more non-sporty people who never thought of themselves as cyclists get excited about bikes. Moms and babies, ladies in skirts, office workers and school children.”