2007 Program is Live

The jury had their work cut out for them, but the final decisions have been made and 19 submissions made the final selection for the 2007 program. I think you’re really going to enjoy this dynamic selection of movies. But don’t get too excited! You’ve got to wait until April 13th, which is still a month away. Check out the program here.

2 thoughts on “2007 Program is Live

  1. I hope this isn’t out of line of me, but I want to offer it as some constructive criticism for the film-makers. Please take it as a little friendly advice for FBB 2008.

    One, maybe two excepted, ALL the submissions longer than five minutes could have stood for more editing.

    If you submitted a longish movie that didn’t make the show, very likely it could have made the show if it were shorter. A number of movies we started out liking well enough, but they ended up being too long and repetitive. Many 6-8 minute submissions would have made the show if they were cut down to 4-5 minutes. Plus, a longer submission makes it doubly hard on itself because choosing it necessarily precludes choosing two other shorter films.

    I wish everyone well, and here’s to an excellent FBB 2007.

  2. Hi Jury Member,

    I completely agree with you. Last year, some of the movies were really short and fun and I loved that about the festival. I’m hoping to see more of that this year. Will there be?

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