2013 Accepted Films List

Guillame Blanchet – The Man Who Lived on His Bike

Stephen Blanquie – Devin Tolman: End of Summer

Felipe Bustoss Sierra – Three Legged Horses

Andy Chandler – Sandy Blvd: The Movie (Trailer)

Ilima Considine – Sweet Ride

Tynan Davis – I’m in Oakland and I’m Riding my Bike

Gabriel Donati – Wing Mirror

Richard and Beatrix Grassick – Beauty and the Bike

Skylar Grey – C’Mon Let Me Ride

Matti Hemmings – BMX Flatland Bowling Alley

Patrick Hendry – Worlds Between Lines

Mark Irving – Santa Cycle Rampage

Alan Kollis – Easy Rollin

David Kroodsma – Ten Tips for Biking Eastern Europe

Mary Leighton – I Put my Bike on the Bus

Brynden McNew – Mick

Kara Minnehan – Bike Love Trailer

Chris New – 16 Stories from the North Sea

Paul O’Connor – Everybody’s Bike Rentals

Ted Passon – Bicycle Race Parody

Merritt Raitt – Circle Century

Russ Roca – What is Bicycle Travel

Peter Root – Cycling Central Asia

Cobi Rusch – I dream of BIking

Bernard Sanders – For Lovers

Dave Shapiro – The Fox and the Grapes

Effie Siverts – Score Me, Maybe?

Dale Sood – King of the Ice (Le Roi de Glace)

Janel Sternbetz – Gaia Music Festival

Ray Thomas – Doored Again

Alex Milan Tracy – Bike Cart Bungee Skating

Edward Valibus – Bad Bikes

Rob Vanderenabeele – Abandoned: Bikes on the Street

Mike Vogel – Doored

Keith Walberg – Cry Baby Hill

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