It’s Bike to Work Month and Day!

May is Bike to Work Month in many places, and Friday, May 18 is Bike to Work Day.

We love how these events spark a conversation about riding bikes. Those of us who ride regularly have a the awesome responsibility and honor of sharing our wisdom with people whose interest is piqued!

How You Can Help Spread the Love of Biking

  • Use common language and approachable terms.
  • Forget about the complex details (unless someone specifically asks). Instead, keep it simple.
  • Keep your tone positive and get people excited!
  • Safety is important, but a lot of that can come from common sense. Instead of focusing on the danger zone, keep your tone light and focus on the most vital and helpful tips.
  • What are those most helpful tips? We like topics like how to find a good route, how to decide what style of bike is right for you, what to wear in cold/rain/to a meeting, what fun events are happening, etc.


“Stylish Spokes: a Celebration of Biking and Women” by Greg Miller and Claire Bonham-Carter – San Francisco, CA.