Welcome to (Bike) Portland

Welcome to Your New Home!

Are you new to Portland or new to cruising around the city by bike? Bike PortlandORbike.com and Filmed by Bike welcome you! 

We are so thrilled to have you, another bike lover, in Portland!

Portland is an Amazing Bike City

Portland is an amazing place to live in large part because of our incredible biking scene. Every day of the week you can see hoards of cyclists streaming across the bridges, rain or shine, day and night. On all types of bikes.

Bike Love? We Get it.

In our city it’s completely commonplace to ride your bike to work, for fun, to go camping, to get the kids to school, with cargo, in the rain, with dogs, for days on end and simply to explore and sink in.

Whether you’re new to riding, experienced or something in between, Portland welcomes you to join in on the bike fun!

How to Dive Into Portland’s Bike Scene

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Upcoming Social Club Events

Summer 2019

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The Backyard Collection

Filmed by Bike is launching a new series of intimate backyard movie screenings of rare gems from our deep archives of bike movies. The series will run in September and October. These ticketed events under the night sky will be limited to only a handful of attendees for a special experience, with Festival Director Ayleen Crotty in attendance to share insight into the wonders of the films and the talent of the filmmakers behind the creations.

Tickets + Info


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