Damn! Did Anyone Get a Photo?

We had a great time hanging out this past week with with Brendt and Zoe from the Bicycle Film Festival! It was good to have them in town. I watched the shorts program last night. The highlight for me was Balorda, a piece about this amazing fun ride that happens every year in Italy. “We don’t have energy bar, only pork! We don’t drink Gatorade, only wine!” I’m heading to Italy to ride Balorda! I mean, I’ve been on a fun ride or two in my day, but all through this movie I kept thinking, “DAMN they’re having fun!”. So we’re working to bring Balorda to FBB2009.

We wish we had a photo of the BFF and FBB hanging out togther. They’re doing amazing work to bring their festival around the worl. Brendt just finished six months of travel. I asked him how it went. He said he’s tired.