Fall Promotions Internship

Get creative! Spearhead creative marketing campaigns to promote the 11th Annual Filmed by Bike.

Late September 2012 – Mid January, 2013
(application deadline: September 24)


This unpaid internship is an excellent opportunity for on-the-job learning under the tutelage of a very organized team spearheaded by three people with extensive expertise in event organization and marketing. Several of our former volunteers have used the experience to move on to impressive professions and we have an extremely dedicated volunteer crew.

Hours: Average of 8-15 hours a week.


Filmed by Bike is a festival of independent bike-themed movies from around the world. Every year our festival attracts a cadre of impressive submission and our elected jury chooses the final selections for our festival program.

The festival grows every year with the assistance of our interns and staff who conduct extensive outreach to filmmakers around the world.


• Marketing to encourage filmmakers to submit movies (“call for entries”)
• Oversee creative social media campaigns
• Attending events to promote the call for entries
• Oversee a materials distribution team and street teams
• Hosting on-the-street creative promotional events
• Direct contact with filmmakers
• Writing blog entries
• Creating video logs (optional! fun!)
• Advertising sales assistance
• Other projects as they arise


• A sincere enthusiasm for and dedication to making our festival the best it can be
• Ability to work independently without direct supervision on a daily basis
• A computer with access to the internet on a reliable basis
• Ability to carry out internet research with enthusiasm
• Basic knowledge of Google Docs to maintain lists and basic databases
• Confidence and the ability to ask for assistance/ask questions when you need to


• Desire to learn or hone your marketing skills
• Excellent motivational writing skills with a punchy edge and proper grammar
• Desire to improve your writing skills
• Desire to get creative with social media efforts, pop-up events and blog postings
• Interest in film and/or bicycle culture
• Ability to think creatively and suggest innovative ideas without fear


Submit the following information to Ayleen@FilmedByBike.org by September 24:
• Cover letter stating (1)why you think you’d be a good fit for this position, (2)what skills you bring to the festival, (3)why you’re excited to apply and (4)anything else we should know about you.
• List of relevant work and volunteer experience
• Three personal or professional references

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