Festival Design Recap 2022

Artist: Lisa Congdon


The poster was the main design that led the charge. We extracted elements of that design to use as icons on other graphics.

The artist designs the poster. We do everything else in house.

Promotional Graphics

Information Design

The vibrant and dynamic elements design by Lisa allowed for clear and exciting information design. This was a particularly complex year as we celebrated our 20th Anniversary (woot!) so it was especially helpful to have elements that helped us clearly convey all that was happening throughout the weekend.

Festival Pass + Staff Lanyards

People wear these all weekend long. The Festival Passes are contained in a lil pouch where people often store other info like business cards, raffle tickets, etc. HANDY! And dandy.


These dynamic cuties like these examples became our visual language and identity throughout the festival season and greatly contributed to the celebratory vibe of our 20th festivities.