Film Production Assistant 2015



The 13th Annual Filmed by Bike is a film festival showcasing the world’s best bicycle movies. We coordinate a high energy event that features a huge street party, auxiliary events and three days at the theater. Film submissions come from around the world.

The Film Production Assistant will contribute to Filmed by Bike through varied responsibilities to ensure a successful festival. There is a lot of creative freedom and opportunity to learn and refine skills built into this position. Our ideal candidate knows that many odd details go into making an event successful and will embrace the workload to help put on a good show.

The Film Production Assistant will leave this position with a solid portfolio of real-world work.

The Film Production Assistant will report directly to the Festival Director.

We are a streamlined, creative event. If you enjoy working with a team of efficient people who are involved for an altruistic, true love of the event, you will fit right in.


Roughly 5-10 hours a week from mid February 20 through May 30. Meetings every other week, on a flexible schedule. Workload increases as the festival draws near and The Film Production Assistant must be available for work on May 22-23 for the actual festival.


We are an extremely positive, supportive work team. We work very hard and are fully dedicated to the festival. We work from home and gather every two weeks for a meeting at our sponsored group office, Radio Room in NE Portland. We use Google Docs for file management and Vimeo for video display.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS – Skills, Equipment and Characteristics

* Creative
* Solid knowledge of a professional video editing program.
* Solid knowledge of video maximization, finalization and sharing.
* Excellent audio work or the desire to refine your skills through this position – a dedication to good sound.
* Your own camera and preferably mics, but at least a good camera.
* Your own editing suite.
* Cool under pressure
* Friendly, positive, personable, works well with the public.
* Communications oriented – can do a good job of representing the festival to a wide variety of people.
* Works independently with thorough initial instruction but limited oversight after that.
* Thorough with detailed projects, doesn’t mind the occasional office tasks.
* Knows how to set project priorities and ask questions to stay on track.
* Ability to balance Filmed by Bike workload with other life commitments.


* Creative, eager to brainstorm new ideas for the festival.
* An absolute love of either shooting and editing.
* Ability to take constructive feedback, especially when it comes to editing.
* Desire to hone your skills by contributing to our festival.
* Excellent correspondence etiquette.


* Overseeing 2-4 video shoots from start to finish.


* Work with 45 individual pieces of content to assemble programs for each screening of the festival.
* Ensure every film looks and sounds good on screen.
* Level sound between films and ensure all films play well as a collection.
* Create a flawless program that can be shown on screen at the theater.


* Creating pieces from existing footage.
* Editing shot footage.
* Working on a total of 4-8 pieces.
* Most pieces are less than 2 minutes in final duration.


* Assistance with auxiliary projects primarily in the realm of video promotion (pumping out the pieces created) or general festival promotion on specific projects.
* Work the event
* Other related project as they arise.


This is an educational position with an opportunity to learn in a real-world environment from an expert team of event coordinators with many years of experience. You will work alongside three accomplished, friendly staff who are eager to share skills with you and foster you through this position so you can get the most experience out of it possible. At the end of this position, you will be well prepared for future employment.

Staff perks include free entry to the festival, networking opportunities, learning on the job and complimentary food and drink at staff meetings at Radio Room.

We offer an $800 bonus upon completion of the position and we will assist in finding low cost housing for the duration of the position.