Seeking Bike Movie Experts (Training Provided)

Every fall, movie and bike lovers start working with us for a few months. By the time they’re finished, they’re Bike Movie Experts. It’s a pretty amazing transformation to witness. Learn how we select the world’s best bike movies by joining us as a Bike Movie Expert in Training.

About Filmed by Bike

Filmed by Bike showcases the world’s best bike movies with a huge film festival in Portland every May. Our movies collections then travel the world to inspire bike communities. Film submissions come from all over the world. We feature independent short films in a variety of genres, comedy, scripted stories, documentaries, animation and everything in between.

About the Rockstar Position

We are seeking a small dedicated team of rockstars to be our Bike Movie Experts, working alongside our Films Manager, Guthrie Straw. Guthrie has years and years of experience seeking out the world’s best bike movies.

The volunteers in this position will work for ONE WILD MONTH to seek out the world’s best bike movies. You’ll watch tons of awesome movies, and a few horribly hilariously terrible ones – all on a quest for finding the very best for Filmed by Bike and being able to watch your finds on the silver screen next May.

By the end of this position, you will have watched more bike movies than perhaps anyone else in the world… except Guthrie.

Time Commitment

Time commitment averages about 5 hours a week, or one good movie watching session every weekend :).
This position lasts for one month, with the option to extend your role.
Any day, any time of day, anywhere.

How it Works

Bike Movie Experts will meet with Guthrie for a training then you’ll be able to hunt for movies on your own time, from the comfort of your own home or a group viewing session.

Jury Screening in January

The very best of the best (and of course a few of those horribly hilariously terrible films) will be screened by our jury of bike and film lovers in January. Bike Movie Experts who successfully complete their position are invited to attend this jam-packed weekend of fun, food and drink as we revel in a shared love of bike movies.

More Information

Contact Guthrie Straw, Films Manager