Filmmaker Profile: Lars C. Larsen

Filmed by Bike - Every April - Come watch bike movies!In Portland, the name Lars Larsen may ring a bell – of alarm: the conservative talk show host (Larson) is well known for giving bikers a hard time. But there’s another Lars in town who is fighting more for good than evil: Lars C. Larsen. This Lars is a Portland based filmmaker who has been involved with Filmed by Bike for four years now. With his films, Lars brings a creative approach to the festival, such as the ultra-short 2009 Speed Kills that was shot with a cool vintage effect.

Lars’s films have appeared in the Chicago Underground Film Festival, the Caucophany Film Festival, at San Francisco Film Arts, the Humboldt International Film Festival and now for the fourth time at Filmed By Bike. Lars is currently working on the TNT drama series Leverage and he has previously worked on Coraline, The Hunted, and several TV and film productions shot in and around Portland.

Lars’s most recent film Go! Paperboy! will show in Program 1. Program details >>

4 thoughts on “Filmmaker Profile: Lars C. Larsen

  1. I loved his “Speed Kills” from last year; it was a clever use of stop motion… a super short film that leaves a big impression.

  2. Nice one, Lars! I’d love to see this.

    Unfortunately, I moved from the promised land to DC a couple years ago, but my (mainly) super 8 film “spoke” was featured at Filmed by Bike in 2008. You can check it out here:

    I also got a batch of found Kodachrome developed before the last processing shop to handle it shut down. The result is quite beautiful (though not bike-themed).

    Looking forward to seeing your work online once the screenings are over (if possible).
    Long live super 8 + bikes,

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