Filmmaker Spotlight: Nix Brothers

Evan and Adam Nix, known as The Nix Brothers, are filmmakers and bicycle enthusiasts based in Denver, Colorado. Along with songwriter/actor, Randy Washington, they created one of the most popular videos of our 2011 festival, All You Haters (Suck My Balls).

Assisted by Auto-Tune and often dancing in front of intentionally shoddy, green-screen-assisted backgrounds, the video’s star, played by Washington, musically explains the trials of being a hated-on hipster cyclist. “The general position the song takes is supposed to both embrace and be self-deprecating about the whole hipster ideology. If you’re sensitive about being called a hipster … that makes you too concerned with image and therefore a hipster,” explains Evan. “We just think people should spend less time worrying about all of that nonsense and just go ride bikes.”

Evan, Adam and Randy continue to churn out great work to this day. The three of them perform in the faux-German parody disco group Total Ghost, for which they’ve produced a number of music videos. They also produce web comedies with various Denver comedians. To see more of their work, visit their website.

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