Filmmaker Spotlight: Joey Schusler

joey schusler

Joey Schusler is an adventurer extraordinaire who also creates gorgeous films about his journeys. In his early 20’s he realized his bike could be more than simply a thrill-seeking tool for racing the clock, it could also be a tool for adventure and getting an personal view of the world.

So why film these endeavors? “Bringing filmmaking into the equation only further shares and promotes the joy and fulfillment a bike can bring to your life.” Joey explains.

“I like to bring an authentic insider look into the places your bike can take you. The possibilities of what you may see and experience from the saddle are endless. In a way, I see my films a tool and stepping stone to motivate people to create these adventures and stories for themselves. More people seeing the world in an up close and intimate way via bike is a huge win in my book.”

Joey’s adventures have taken him far across the globe and to rather rugged locations.

“A lot goes into planning these adventures and finding the story within them. It’s often ready for you whenever, you just need to dive in and commit your full time and attention to the entire process. In my experience, this has always worked out, and has created for some wild adventures and stories that I will forever be proud to share.”

So what’s it like to be a filmmaker in this day and age of YouTube, Instagram and an abundance of devices?

“You definitely have a harder time capturing peoples attention these days, that’s for sure. This just builds on the importance of creating something engaging and unique. While I wish everyone would only watch my films in a quiet, cinematic venue, with dialed AV, I realize that that is often not possible and is rarely the case. It’s also what makes sharing work at film festivals so rewarding – knowing that people are viewing it at a grand scale, and becoming fully immersed in it, with an energy in the room. In the end, all that really matters is that you are happy and creatively fulfilled in your own work, the rest will sort its self out.”

Look for Joey’s work on the big screen at Filmed by Bike, as well as a signature image on our Let’s Ride Roast coffee bag label.

Joey’s latest’s film “Trail to Kazbegi” plays in the Saturday Adventure Night program at 8pm.
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