Are you ready to rock and roll and play dirty in the streets? Here are the answers to the to questions we’re getting at Filmed by Bike Headquarters

TICKETS FOR FRIDAY // We can’t guarantee to arrive at any time to get seat, we just don’t know. Come early. $8-15, and if you pay the whole $15 you get 2 free raffle tix and our signature sticker. No advance sales but we start selling 1/2 hour before the show, 1 ticket per person. Both screenings are awesome and rowdy. 9p is a little more controlled mayhem.

RAFFLE // One raffle for each Friday screening, Both are equally great.

SAT+SUN // All the great movies of Friday, all the huge crowds, less fanfare, no raffle, no MCs. Still come early. They will sell out. 5, 7, 9pm.

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