Get your SWAG on

Dang, the raffle is a little out of control at this point. I’ve been adding new stuff to the list every day. Of course, there’s the hot hot hot Electra Amsterdam. You don’t even have to go to the fest to try to win it. Buy tix online or at the Friday screenings. Okay, but here is some of the new cool stuff:

* Seattle vs. Portland A ReLoad bag and a Lemolo bag. They’re both pretty sweet.

* 3-Garments Mended As in, long pants made bike-hip, ripped stuff finally fixed, SKIRTS MADE SHORTER, all donated by a local seamstress.

So here’s how it works: Bring your dollars to the festival. Raffle tix are one little dollar. Buy a wad of them and you’ve got a great chance of one of these killer prizes. At intermission, it’s a speed raffle. You’ve got to be present and alert to win. Numbers are rattled off fast, so if you’re out back with your buddies, forget it.

Nice work, Meghan Sinnott, Raffle Prize Coordinator!

[ full list of prizes ].

3 thoughts on “Get your SWAG on

  1. A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, I’ll be there with it. I SO want to win the sewing one because my machine is broken and even if it wasn’t my sweing skills are pretty crappy.

  2. We don’t yet know which ReLoad bag we’re getting. Chances are pretty slim it has anything so fancy on it as that sun. We’ll know on the night of the festival, though.

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