Incredible Movies

The 2013 collection of movies screening in the 11th Annual Filmed by Bike is one of our best collections yet.

From our vast pool of submissions, the jury selected 40 films that were curated into 4 distinct collections that will play across 8 showtimes – meaning you have plenty of opportunities to get to the Clinton St. Theater to watch bike movies.


Highlights this year include an extended Scottish tale of a woeful pedicab driver during his last day on the job (Three-Legged Horses), two ridiculously hilarious pieces about people living on their bikes (Mick and The Man Who Lived On His Bike), several gorgeous and inspiring bike touring films and the graciously filmed Bare as You Dare documentary on the Portland World Naked Bike Ride.


View all four programs and select your tickets. For the best deal and full experience, purchase a festival pass for only $25.


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